New screenshots from latest build of Gran Turismo 5

Always build the Nürburgring

Among the images that we present below for more information analysis, note the presence of only challenges "Tender" and "Race Against Time" in Arcade mode. The selection of difficulty level is divided into three profiles: Beginner, Intermediate, Professional.The choice of the first level of difficulty excludes any form of damage to the car and easier to drive due to an artificial intelligence (AI) opponent low and better control of trajectory. You can still see at some point in the movie are clearly visible as the sparks generated by a collision with the guard-rail. The test was conducted SLS driving a Mercedes AMG car sponsor of the title developed by Polyphony Digital arriving probably by October 2010 exclusively on PlayStation 3 platform.

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sinncross3107d ago

Looks good!

Hopefully we'll get a massive GT5 reveal at E3.

Conloles3107d ago Show
SnuggleBandit3107d ago

why troll when you can just stfu!'re jealous and insecure

The Meerkat3107d ago

That vid is very nice indeed.

If it wasn't for the racing line and the copy and paste trees you could easily think that was a real life video.

If they can do that in 3D it will win E3 for Sony.

Close_Second3107d ago

...good but agree about the trees.

wxer3107d ago

im not buying this game unless it got the most epic intro ive ever saw in any video game ever
if you didn't know it yet, its this

don't change anything
same music same everything
just remake it in HD and use the new graphics system
that's all what im asking

MNicholas3107d ago

but new videos from an older build.

Still looks incredible.

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topgeareasy3107d ago

people still think this is the latest build of Gran Turismo 5

when it is this

robser733107d ago

Your videos are related to the Final Race about GT Academy 2010.
Past this, Polyphony Digital has released another build version specified for the German event (Mercedes SLS AMG sponsor in Nurburgring) and this is the latest build with some screen different (cars selection, Track selection,etc.) different from the previous CES 2010 build.

topgeareasy3107d ago

look at GFX you can tell which is newer and CES build uses Prolouge dials

MNicholas3107d ago

is unbelievable.

I hope they are able to retain that level of detail in the final game.

You're right, these 'ring vids are just newly released videos from an older build.

52pickup3107d ago

The leaked footage with the high rez texture etc,that we've had for months,this is the same,not released to public demo they are getting their footage from. It's 6 months old. It's not being taken from the final build,but from that old demo.

They just keep posting new vids,and people think it's from later builds when it's not,if you visit GTplanet you would know this.

Shaman3107d ago

The trees are so 90s...

captain-obvious3107d ago

do you PPL have to bitch about evrything ?

DORMIN3107d ago

The trees are the only thing to bitch about because the rest of the game looks unrivaled.

Anyways, these should be direct feed screens not off screen.

deafwing3107d ago

lol you should know this lot by now .... obviously. :)

Theonik3107d ago

Appreciate the update captain obvious...

asgharagha3107d ago

trees are like nfs shift and i had no problem with them at all and were really photorealistic

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