PS3: Is There Anything Left For E3?

TheSixthAxis: "Is there anything left for E3? Of course. Sony want to come out on top this year, showing the world that there’s plenty of life left in the PS3 yet and that Move is going to be much more than just a motion controlled gimmick."

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N4GAddict3055d ago

I prefer the announcements to be more spread out.

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Digitaldude3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

lol how subtle.
I'm sure they got some stuff up there sleeve.

creatchee3054d ago

Sony's never been one for the grandstanding and huge surprises that Microsoft is known for. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing. They let people know what's going to be shown, then show it. It lets you see it more objectively than if you are shocked by a "huge announcement" live on TV or the internet.

Case in point: I marked out when they announced FFIII for the 360 and showed the trailer. It really shouldn't have mattered to me because I would have been able to play it on my PS3 anyway. But such a big deal was made of it because it was a major coup to get another PS3 exclusive - and at E3, where everyone is waiting for such things. Regardless, I would have rather seen more of the other games shown than a trailer that I had already pretty much seen before.

There's room for both types of conference. I'm glad that they do their own thing.

RememberThe3573055d ago

They have done this for 15 years they know what they are doing. They want to focus on a few things at E3 and getting these big announcements out of the way gives them more time to talk about the surprises they have along with Move. We'll see a lot of Move stuff, we'll see some gameplay from exclusives that haven't been seen before(maybe Agent and something from Kojami and Square) and we'll have some more First party announcements (I'm also expecting a new PSN).

There is going to be a lot for us to take in and if they spread it out we wont be overwhelmed mind you we also have Microsoft and their usual surprises ans well as Nintendo.

raztad3055d ago

LBP2, KZ3 and inFAMOUS 2 were ANNOUNCED. Cant anybody tell the difference between announcement and leak?

I think Sony has more than enough to show and surprise people. If they WANTED to announce LBP2, KZ2 and inFAMOUS2 pre-E3 is because they have a plan, dont you think?

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DarkFinalGod3055d ago

theres one game everyone seem to forget and its called wardevil but you see Sony got heaps to show just wait some more days will you?

aaronisbla3055d ago

as i told you in the other article, that vapor ware (wardevil) title isn't exclusive to ps3 anymore unless something else has come up. Not sure how some can get excited about the game with only the title and a couple of unimpressive looking screen shots from a couple years ago

DarkFinalGod3055d ago

lol true man i know im excited for nothing really but i hop it turns out to be good because it looks like an action game and i love action games over any genre.

waterboy3055d ago

then no movie cg should look impressive to you, but that engine is going to be a movie ingame, i know youve been brainwashed by the pc fans that tell you ps3 cant do this and that, but whatever believe their bull if you will their article still stands and they know exactly what the machine is capable of, screenshots? uh no, theres like 3 or 4 maybe 5 videos, and they were all the most impressive things ingame visually this gen

aaronisbla3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

as harsh as i may be about it, if im wrong i wouldnt mind it, as it means a great game will be available.

@waterboy: it was unimpressive to me for the simple fact thats all we have seen from it. How do we even know its all in game footage? like i said i dont mind being wrong in these cases but im not gonna take the devs word for it at face value, they need to show and prove

Faztkiller3055d ago

I'm tired of this If Sony needed these games at E3 they would not have announced them

ExgamerLegends23055d ago

and FFV13 gameplay I'm waiting for the most.

blumatt3054d ago

And pray to God that it stays exclusive. Actually, I don't really have a problem with it going multiplat as long as they fill the blu ray completely full with towns, airships, sidequests, etc. etc. THEN, they can port it over to the 360 with sub-par graphics and 4-5 discs. There's no excuse for making a game less than what it should be just to accommodate another system. Period.

MajestieBeast3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Who's games have people talked about for the past 4 weeks it certainly wasnt microsoft. Sony is gonna blow the roof of this motha with last guardian alone.

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