FIFA 11 'highly unlikely' to support Natal/PlayStation Move

FIFA 11's Producer David Rutter has told GamerZines that he doesn't think motion control in FIFA would "make sense", telling us that it's "highly unlikely" FIFA 11 will include support for PlayStation Move or Natal.

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Conloles3056d ago

Good keeping the game hardcore, EA has the right mindset - if it aint broken dont fix it!

forcefullpower3056d ago

Just because you use a standard controller it makes it hardcore!!!!

Have you even played the Fifa version on the wii. Much better at controlling the whole team via wii remote than it is via controller.

Pumbli3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

I think it comes down to personal preference and I personally think Fifa has terrible controls on the Wii.

Actual controllers will always be the best way to play Fifa games imo.

ad4mb3056d ago

thank god for that, what would be the point in motion controls for a football game lol... if you want to move around go outside