Nintendo Wii not in console war with Xbox 360 and PS3

As an outsider looking in to the gaming industry, I cannot help but note that the Nintendo Wii has placed itself in its own category, a category significantly different than the the group the PS3 and Xbox 360 find themselves in.

I don't know a single person who owns a Nintendo Wii and is satisfied with the console on its own. Every person that I know who has one, doesn't use the console as their primary gaming machine. They either have an Xbox 360 (usually) or a PS3 and then a Nintendo Wii as sort of "toy" to play with on occasion.

It's as if though these gamers use their extra cash to buy the Wii for the novelty of it, but their main resources and cash are contributed to either Sony or Microsoft.

I'm not saying that it's bad for the Wii, that's actually a great move by Nintendo. To become so different that no matter what other console a gamer has, a Nintendo Wii sits right along side it.

The true console war belongs to the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3. It's then that price matters, that game selection matters. It's then that graphics, power, features, wireless, all of that matters. None of that matters for Nintendo because many people are going to buy a Wii whether or not they own another console.

The theory can be compared to PC gaming. No one competes with PC gaming because it's an established category all on its own. Perhaps we'll see Apple and Microsoft competing in the PC gaming category eventually, but as for right now the PC has no competition in the gaming arena.

Nintendo has done something revolutionary with the Wii by carving out a second category in the console wars, and, by being the only contributor to the category, it becomes a winner no matter how well the PS3 and Xbox 360 do.

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Bloodmask5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

All 3 consoles are in direct competition with each other. This is just an excuse to make it seem like Nintendo is not the victor.

All 3 are games consoles....bought to play gamers. It isn't hard to figure out.

Nintendo is trying to make games fun again. Instead of the same tried and true gameplay with better graphics. I think it is brilliant. It will bring more non-gamers to gaming and prepare them for Nintendo's post Wii console. All of the Wii fans who were not gamers will most likely become Nintendo fans and purchase their next console which will most likely be Hi-def. Wii is just an experiment to see if the new controle interface is a success.

Maddens Raiders5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

how long before Ninty pushes in a new Hi-Def format as we enter 2008, 2009 and 2010? What will become of the Wii in the short run as the "Revolution X" or w/e they come out with will just make the current run of Wii games look even more like _________ __________?

Also if they are capturing this HUGE market of old timers, Moms and traditional non-gamers...will these people ante up for the new iteration or just move on? What I'm saying is would they be interested in the upgrade as they surely aren't interested in the obvious upgrades that the 360 and PS3 offer off the top, now?

Keeping the hardcore Ninty fans like Sidar, ItsDubC, ITR, AlitheWise, et.... and others won't be difficult. It's the people that hardly play it now (and own it) that I'm wondering about. What will they do do bring in that hardcore appeal? I mean RE was cool, but that series is an anomoly there. Meh, I guess if they can continue to push out enough of these current sets and keep ripping off profit overrun after profit overrun, then they could come out with a Ninty toaster oven and people would buy it.

The only times my friends and I play Wii is if there's a semi - large party and we're all hanging out getting drunk and bowling and crap like that. Hmmm, maybe that's enough, but not for me.

Personally I don't like gambling on gaming experiments ~ especially when those expreriments are consoles, but I'm more of a a$$hole type hardcore gamer that likes the tried and true like the PS2. =]

ItsDubC5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

Awesome, I've earned the title "hardcore Ninty fan." Do I get to keep that title even if ppl find out that the last Nintendo console I owned before the Wii was a SNES? Shhh! Don't tell! If word got out, my Xbox, Dreamcast, PS1, and Saturn might turn on me.

I guess defending the underdog can be confused w/ being a hardcore fan.

Maddens Raiders5423d ago

Being a hardcore fan of something doesn't make you a bad guy. But if you're on N4G long enough, you'll tend to start thinking that it does.


4 Life. Pick your poison(s) and roll. FVCK all the rest.

ItsDubC5423d ago

That's why I laughed when a chronic troll on this site, whose name I will not mention, called me a fanboy. Apparently he/she doesn't know the difference.

Honeal2g5423d ago

"Nintendo is trying to make games fun again" seriously? o thats rigth Wii$hit lets check my BPI and do push ups and erboics...get that $hit outta here and the media is gonne eat that $hit up like the iphone...and yea i want a wii but not because of the gimmicks they are puttin out ..but for the same reason i bought a gamecube for Zelda and Smash.

"Wii is just an experiment to see if the new control interface is a success"

now correct me if i;m wrong but couldnt the 360 and ps3 both make that controller an accessory and a simple firmware update to would do the trick i have no idea but i just doubt the wii was built around that.

cartman3135423d ago

What he is trying to say is that X360 and PS3 are in a battle with each other. They really aren't concerned with what the Wii is doing. The Wii isn't stealing sales from MS or Sony.

Nintendo isn't the victor. As long as the PS2 is still in the market, Sony is the victor.

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ChickeyCantor5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

Im sorry but as long you are running in the same market you are competing against the other even if you dont want it or claim it.

Nintendo Wii is a game-console, it has software that are called games.
Sony and MS are doing the same thing.

They are all after Gamers.

Rhezin5423d ago

Well ya in terms of sales it's a battle, but I think the main competition in the coming years WILL be between 36teh and pstree, no matter what happens I will praise the Wii because come on, you gotta love it.

FlamePhoenix5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

This article makes little sense, but there are some points to it. One major point is that a lot of consumers want to buy a game console but don't want to spend a lot because they dont have a $3000 home theater. These consumers want to buy cheap, and they get cheap with the Wii. These consumers are the ignorant consumers that made the best-selling console. Another point is that the Wii has no Current-Gen Player. If it did, then there would be NO point to the article.

ChickeyCantor5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

Current-Gen =)

edit: why did someone disagree?
its current gen, next gen will be over 4~5 years.

PS360WII5423d ago

It is but it isn't. Yes the Wii is part of this generation of consoles, but like the writer said people either have a 360 and a Wii or a PS3 and a Wii or just a Wii. So it's not really a war so to say it's a real war between the PS3 and 360 because they are fighting for sales while the Wii is just getting them.

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