Pro gamers are '60-year-old fighter pilots'

A new study reveals that professional gamers have the lightning-fast reactions of a fighter pilot but the fitness level of a sixty year-old heavy smoker.

Researchers from the University of Essex made this shock discovery after monitoring these highly-paid cyber-sportsmen in tests at Birmingham’s NEC Arena. In general, the elite players were found to have the mental agility and psychological fortitude of professional athletes, and reaction times to rival all but the best jet fighter pilots.

That’s where the positive comparisons ended...

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no_more_heroes3051d ago

thanks to Mario, M.C. Kids, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, then upgraded thanks to Ninja Gaiden 1 (40 hrs first playthrough, 11 on the second)and polished by Halo MP and FIFA. I'm not the best in the last two, but I can certainly hold my own.

Oh, and I am so far from a slob.

mikeslemonade3051d ago

It's true. However lung compacity is just one specific thing if you talk about how healthy or how much in shape you are. Someone who doesn't do cardio at all is going to have a terrible lung capcity, but that someone can still be pretty much healthy if he does everything else in a healthy way.

"If you don't use it you lose it". A legit lung compacity can be brought back easily especially if you're younger.

Danteh3051d ago

lol what I found is that the comments there are hilarious :DDD

Look at some gems:

"i too am wholly offended by this article. i am 26yrs old, with a very stressful job, and i'm also a pro-gamer. After a long stressful day at wrk, i like to turn on the ps3, go online, 'OWN' everyone - which then relaxes my mind and helps me forget about work. In GTA for example i have the highest Rank 10, and my race lap times are on the front page (top 12) in the world. In shooting, im am so good that people send me messages calling me 'cheater' or 'thats impossible'. i laugh and text them back - "call me 'jerk' one mo' time". Im currently awaiting the release of Gran Turismo 5, so i can buy my steering wheel and pedals, so that i can own everyone in the online world of racing. I do all this... but im still built like gladiator and fitter than orlando bloom in lord of tghe rings. i do 50 press-ups a day, and can easily sprint 400m. How then can you assume i have the lung capacity of a 60yr old smoker??? if i breathed on you, i could probably push you over (and its not that i have bad-breath or nothing). I am a pro-gamer, with lightning fast reaction, tremendous physical fitness and impressive mental endurance. I don't like this correlation being drawn up between unfitness and pro-gaming. it's just B-u-l-l-$-h-!-t. (p.s i shud mention i recently received an application to join the royal navy.)"

The best part is that the Royal Navy sent HIM an aplication hahah

Another one:

"what about office workers sitting at a desk all day for 40-50 hours a day?"--> wtf? xD these days


I think it will go very well on my CV.

dizzleK3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

pro-gaming is as retarded as competitive eating. all we do in this country is invent "sports" for fat asses and the lazy.

DiLeCtioN3051d ago

Hey am not fat. There are some pro gamers out there who balance their lifestyle well and still manage to woop noobs.

Some pros don't need to play a game for months to get good, too busy with responsibilities.

Quagmire3051d ago

I always wanted to fly a plane... Oh Wait

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