Can We Really Expect Half-life 3 at E3?

You guys and gals out there aren’t tired of all of the E3 hype surrounding the surprise Valve announcement already right? This rumor may sound quite far fetched, but VG247 reports that they have had an anonymous tip that Valve will announce Half-life 3 running on the source engine 2 at this years E3.

Wait a minute though! Last time I checked Valve was not only happy with the graphic fidelity in most of their games, but they also update the source engine in increments. Have they really gone so far as to overhaul the entire engine to deserve the name source engine 2? Will it be a slight incremental update where they claim that they are now up to source engine 2? Continue on to dig deeper into the mystery encompassing Valve's E3 surprise.

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Blaze9293149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

I see why not. As long as we dont see "L4D3" because just like last year, no one is expecting another sequel so soon.

So the big ones are either, PS3 development, Source Engine 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 3. Which now that I type that - have I missed something or why is it being called Half-Life 3?


"if madden can do it, why not L4D? "

Oh gosh - I hope you are kidding. Because EA Tiburon continues to shell out madden after madden each year with no competition - the games never change or improve much but get slapped with $60 price tags. You want that to happen with L4D2? no thanks. They can if they want to but they would totally need to drop the MSRP to at least $29.99 each time.

poe3149d ago

I actually would like to see a new L4D if madden can do it, why not L4D?

Conloles3148d ago

Id just like to see Half life 3 for new source engine! On top of that added bonus of Half Life 3!

Pandamobile3149d ago

I don't get why everyone thinks Valve is turning Left 4 Dead into an annual franchise like COD.

They changed up their development cycle one time and it freaked people right out.

Oh and I can guarantee you that the big announcement won't anything to do with PS3 develompent. That wouldn't fly.

"So yeah guys, we cancelled the big Portal 2 even to tell you that we're working with the PS3 now. Yey! That is all."

SOAD3149d ago

a friend of mine says they are going to show off the Source 2 engine.

ReservoirDog3163148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

Well it wouldn't only be an announcement saying they're going on the PS3. They'd have to say like L4D or Portal on the PS3. I highly doubt that though but they wouldn't just go on stage saying they're on the PS3 now.

And yeah, I think they said they tried streamlining the development process for L4D2 to see how it would work.

If I had to bet though, a new source engine that's ridiculously realistic showing HL3 or L4D3 to be released like a year or so from now.

Qui-Gon Jim3148d ago

I wonder if they have changed the plan for episode 3, and are expanding it to a full sequel. That would explain why it has taken so long to make what would have been one third of a game. The ending of episode 2 also makes me wonder if the portal gun will be in the next half life game.

Xfanboy3148d ago

Why would ps3 development be a big announcement?? They could just say that in an interview!!! Source 2 would be big!!!

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seij5553149d ago

I'm calling a facebook game.

xabmol3149d ago

Left4Facebook = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

HopSkotch3149d ago

Yea as much as we can expect Gabe to lose weight

xabmol3149d ago

I heard that he had to switch from Reeses PB Cups to Reeses Pieces because they were to difficult to unwrap.

Denethor_II3148d ago

Technically he only has to walk up the stairs to lose weight as he's so fat now, so watch what you're saying. Mind you he probably has a stair lift.

niceguywii603148d ago

So you're saying you don't think Halflife 2e3 won't be on PS3 and you're mad so you will attack Gabe? Lol

HopSkotch3148d ago

why would you release Halflife 3 before Halflife 2 Episode 3? Makes no sense man...wat does the Ps3 have anything to do with my comment? Gabe is fat...enough said

Denethor_II3147d ago

I'll by on the xbox or PC its not a problem.

Motion3148d ago

ummm, just a FYI... Gabe really has been losing quite a bit of weight...

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DJKGBYF3149d ago

Why would they announce HL3 and Episode 3 isn't even out yet? I could see them announcing a release date for Episode 3, but not that they are making HL3.

PRHB HYBRiiD3149d ago

great news...i loved half-life 2

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