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Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker has a ton of moving parts that come together wonderfully. Whatever the reason that you play a Metal Gear game for, you will find in Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker. What you won't find is a watered down port, quickly thrown together for a quick buck like you do from so many other games. Even after the dust has settled and you campaign is complete, Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker brings a ton of value to the table with unlockables, not to mention the co-op gameplay and multiplayer gamemodes. Most of the games major faults are likely to be overshadowed by the overall excellence that the game exudes in so many of its other areas. Get.

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FanboyAttack3057d ago

Sounds like a good game. Wish I had a PSP.

Johnny53057d ago

Will be getting this on Friday. I can't wait.

poe3057d ago

This is one of the games I am going to dust off my crappy PSP for. When is that I don't know.

Ahmay3057d ago

you get 3 games with it....

bought mine last year :(

BattleAxe3057d ago

The only site to give this game a bad review so far is MSN.....go figure lol

darkdoom30003057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

GOW: Ghost of Sparta
Kingdom Hearts: BBS
Parasite Eve 3
Resident Evil PSP
MGS: Peace Walker
Valkira Cronicals 2
Monster Hunter 3

^ Upcomming Big PSP Games.
Yep. the system is dead.

math3057d ago

not quite, but it is a good game. Extremely addictive. Picked mine up this morning haven't put it down since.

Drjft3057d ago

Isn't this under embargo?

Close_Second3057d ago on this. Just hope they lock out those who pirate the game.

Drjft3057d ago

The only people who whinge and bitch about "pirates" are those who have to pay huge dollars for overinflated games.

darkdoom30003057d ago

^? ? lolwut?
-youre basically saying the only people who complain about pirates are people who pay for games...

-The only people that defend a dirty pirate is another dirty pirate.

Kojima worked hard to make this game, its one of the best psp games, but due to psp's high piracy rates they wont get the return they deserve. and then they'll think twice before making a psp game :/

that said; multiplayer wont be an incentive for most piates to buy the game- and mp being unlocked will mean ill have more people to play with... It sucks but, whatever.

joel_c173057d ago

People whinge about pirating cause it kills systems. That's why the psp gets so little support, because people would rather pirate the games then buy them, hense the low game sales