Darksiders PC version delayed

New Game Network writes: "It has been discovered that THQ quietly pushed back the summer PC release of their action title, Darksiders: Wrath of War."

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The Tingler3054d ago

Does anyone care? The PC's my favourite platform and I'd never get this. Or on consoles too, as a matter of fact.

xTruthx3054d ago

This game was actually fun.. at least for me it was.

Jdoki3054d ago

Then you're missing out on a real gem of a game.

The art style is great and designed by one of the most talented comic book artists around. The voice acting some of the best I've ever heard in a game. A nice story which could easily be expanded in to many sequels. It's way better than recent Zelda games. And most importantly it's helluva lot of fun!

It's a real shame that games which slip under the radar, or are not hyped as AAA get immediately classified as 'meh!' or 'who cares'. And yet stuff like Zelda Twilight Princess gets a free pass no matter what.

I would say it's the most under-rated and overlooked game of the year.

I picked it up for £16 on PS3 and loved every minute. I'll be buying Darksiders 2 on Day 1 to see what happens next in the story.