Why Mortal Kombat's change is necessary

The Plagued Gamer writes: "I can’t think of too many franchises in need of a fresh start, well not nearly as much as Mortal Kombat. With overly stale installments and the total collapse of parent company Midway, it’s painfully obvious that the legendary series has been in trouble for quite some time. But with a recent unveiling of what seems to be Mortal Kombat’s new direction, this perpetual dilemma could be drawing to a close."

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Yes I think MK needed a change but not this much of a change, the only thing that seems to remain the same is the characters names. IMO the original story/costumes/powers were perfect especially with the technology we have today (see "The Last Airbender" trailer, or "300". Can you imagine what 3d would look like with a Airbender/300, Mortal Kombat type movie...OMG

KingTavy3055d ago

Sub Zero's Ice attacks in 3d better yet a Liu Kang bicycle kick would be awesome

Cevapi883056d ago

its more of going back to what made MK stand out and what made it fun....the fact that the game changed from that mix of fun/blood/gore/story to what we have now is the problem

Double Toasted3055d ago

Yes, as far as games go, them turning it into a 3d fighter was fail and actually one of a few reasons I stopped gaming for some years.

NexGen3054d ago

Yes, Cevapi88, 100% correct (you know your name is also a tasty sausage, right?)

The new directions since MK4 are the problems with the franchise. Although MK Deception was good, it didn't come close to MK2 and 3. The DC tie in was just pathetic. This change is a return to the original formula, modernized to make it a 2d game using 3d graphics. Hell, it worked for Street Fighter and I hope it works for MK as well.

I can't wait for this, but it surely isn't a new change - it's a return to a proven formula.

Cevapi883054d ago

its a delicacy of the Balkans....that is where i am from

Rocket Sauce3054d ago

I didn't see much of a gritty, realistic style-change in the trailer, and that's fine by me. I laughed pretty hard when Kung Lao turned his hat into a saw and killed Sub-Zero Goldfinger-style.

Wackiness is good. I want to see them bust out some friendships next time. Also, boo to 3-D MK.

Bhai3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

...just try to catch-up clicks/hits on anything, and in this case, "change". Funny how they're missing what fans want. What fans want is NOT that chic modern day TEEN take on the MK franchise. That's just ridiculous, whats next, we'll be choosing Hanna Montana as the villain?

C'mon, MK is still among the best selling western fighting games... MK vs DCU was a most hated crossover by the fans but still it managed to sell way over 2 Million copies. In PS2's gen, 3 MK games have sold around 8 Mill copies combined. Though what they do need is a change within the classic storyline, style and appeal of the franchise... something MK: Deadly Alliance did 8 yrs back!

NexGen3054d ago

Hannah Montana would be lol. What would her fatalities be?

Although she's with Disney, and Disney owns Marvel maybe in Marvel vs. Capcom 3?

Snakefist303054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Last Time I Saw A Marvel Character Wolverine 1 Of my favourate character of all time is with Mickey Mouse Playing Hide And Seek.No More Violence And Bad Language 4 Now On.

Kingdom Come3054d ago

I've got to admit, the simpler approach gameplay-wise is quite frustrating as I was hoping for both a graphical leap and a technological leap gameplay-wise. However, the game seems to be a step back towards the grittier atmosphere the series is known for. I can understand the censorshipp of the trailer but I hope the game has alot more blood in store...
I was hoping for a more unique approach gameplay wise and some great technology, since the game has been in development for a good few years the maps don't seem as inventive as some previous instalments. With the game said to be released by the end of the year I am skeptical of its future. However, its Mortal Kombat so I will be sure to purchase the title...
Looks good, but Arcade game standard, I have alot of hope riding on this titles proggression, my expectations have been lowered, but let's pray this trailer isnt showing the games full potential.
And loving the Goldfinger-like Fatality at the end! :P

Surt3054d ago

How they went to 3d and made it slower is beyond me. They need to change something or go back to something cause I'll tell you right now NONE of the 3d games that have come out have been good. MKvsDC was garbage.