Top 100 best games ever voted by Indie game developers

The Top 100 games puts commercial, Indie, freeware and legacy titles in the same field. It shows a lot more appreciation for creativity and smaller games that way. To quote its goal: "Take this list as what it is - a list of 100 fantastic games where the order isn't that important. If you can discover something you've not played before and fancy giving a go - then its been a success."

Here's the top 25 of the list:
25: Day Of The Tentacle
24: Super Mario Kart
23: Robotron
22: Sensible Soccer
21: The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
20: Tempest 2000
19: The Secret Of Monkey Island
18: Super Mario 64
17: Street Fighter II
16: Quake
15: Ico
14: Rez
13: Dungeon Master
12: UFO: Enemy Unknown (X-COM)
11: Deus Ex
10: Starcraft
9: Half-Life 2
8: Final Fantasy VII
7: Super Mario World
6: R-Type
5: Cave Story
4: Tetris
3: Half-Life
2: Doom
1: Elite

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PS360WII5423d ago

Day Of The Tentacle woot I played that one and it is a fun one.

Decent list nice they used a lot of other games that some don't think of when making these sort of lists

Odion5423d ago

ok Half life 1 is no where near as good or profound to the FPS genre as 2 was. AND WTF IS ELITE?

IQUITN4G5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

"WTF is Elite" WTF you really don't know?

In anycase any game can be down as number one , it's just down to opinion - way too hard to compile a list everyone will be pleased with.

Tesla5423d ago

I agree that HL2 is excellent game, but HL1 brought some sort of revolution in gaming. I still play it ocassionaly.

As for Elite in short: It's space flight simulation and some other things. It's also very good game. Personally, I prefer Freelancer. Now, that game rocks!

Captain Tuttle5423d ago

WTF? That game should be in the top 5 at least.

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