Gamefly Adds New York to the East Coast Distribution Center

Loot Ninja just got a pleasant email from Gamefly, letting them know that all of their games going to New York will now be shipping from the East Coast Distribution Center.

"Your area will now be supported by this new Shipping Center. Depending on inventory availability, you may continue to receive some shipments out of Los Angeles. We expect your shipping times to improve over the next few months."

To anyone else in New York, welcome to faster shipping!

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taz80805419d ago

This is great, this should cut a few days off of shipping time. Faster games big smiles

drunkpandas5419d ago

I'm all for not waiting a week to get games in the mail. I wonder when they're going to add the rest of the east coast to the new distribution center?

snoop_dizzle5419d ago

i was just thinking about getting gamefly and i live in ny.


God of Gaming5419d ago

Thats great... now how about one in the middle of the US like other rental sites?