Exclusive – Panel Discussion with Rockstar: San Diego

Lens of Truth writes, "On Tuesday, June 8, 2010, the Lens of Truth had the privilege to sit in on a Full Sail University panel starring some of the team members from Rockstar: San Diego as they discussed their newest venture, Red Dead Redemption. The panel of eleven included Art Department Director Joshua Bass, Director of Technology, Derek Tarvin, and Full Sail graduates Chris Bourassa (2006), Corey Shay (2006), Donald “DJ” Jones (2006), Danny Bulla (2006), Ryan Paradis (2006), Nicholas Zippmann (2006), John Diaz (2006), Scott Schoennagel (2003), and Jason “Jay” Knobler (2006). The panel members shared video, stories from their experiences on RDR, discussed their individual roles on the project, and didn’t deny that there may be an announcement from Rockstar at E3 next week."

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RudeSole Devil3057d ago

That's sounds like confirmation for a squeal to me.

roguewarrior3056d ago

No sh!t Sherlock. Maybe show the PS3 a little more love next time around. The last game I played through was GOW3, RDR felt like a step down Tech. wise. Still a great game on PS3 though.

hazylazysusan3056d ago

It seems like they were very careful NOT to confirm or deny, which is interesting.