Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Limited Edition Unboxing

Ironstar writes; "Recently Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker was released nation wide. I have recently picked up the limited edition of this game and decided to do an unboxing to show you it's contents. Anyway I hope you enjoy the video (below) and you can pick up this version of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker for $49.99 (Big Boss bandanna not included)."

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Timberland2K93144d ago

looks awesome lol @ the music

Lex_Yayo_4073144d ago

I'm just have to wait till after E3. I hope there will still be some left.

ThanatosDMC3144d ago

I got 4 more hours of download time before i can play it. 1.4gb on PSN.

Are_The_MaDNess3144d ago

damn, it is not up in EU yet X/ neither is Joe Danger or Record Of Agarest War for the matter

Timberland2K93144d ago

is that all you know how to say LOL

*on topic*

it does look awesome

Treezy5043144d ago

how do you like the artwork? It looks amazing IMO

SilverSlug3144d ago

If you can find one, get it. No questions asked. Though only down fall is that the game comes in a UMD only, no box like the retail. Movie (2012) is Download only. Not a big deal about the movie.

jc485733144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

I thought you said you got the "limited edition." Maybe you are confusing it with the bundle cause that one didn't come with the case for the UMD.

SilverSlug3144d ago

Exclusive to Gamestop. It is a bit different.

jc485733144d ago

you did not get the one in the video.

jc485733144d ago

there is the likelihood that you will never find it at any retail stores. When I picked up mine, I only saw like 3 copies and they were all reserved.

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The story is too old to be commented.