EA Denies Respawn E3 Announcement, Calls Jason & Vince Facebook Page Fake

"Well, in a week that has already featured one “it’s a fake” response from Valve’s Gabe Newell, it’s only fitting that we add another to the mix …"

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Nitrowolf23057d ago

yeah anyone else think we should take twitter/Facebook off as a legit source to use for news?
its just 2 easy to make one

FrankDaTank3057d ago

ywitter no, facebook yes. twitter has an approval system that verifies real celebes etc, but facebook doesn't. at least i don't think it does.

wakash3057d ago

twitter I'd say okay because of the "verified accounts", but FB, Nosir!

FrankDaTank3057d ago

i don't see why facebook doesn't make verified accounts too.