Troy Baker confirms Tales of Vesperia PS3 localization (in video)

Scrawl: "Tales of Vesperia’s Troy Baker, who plays protagonist Yuri in-game, has confirmed that Tales of Vesperia for PlayStation 3 is coming to the west in the past. However, after eight months of release in Japan, Namco Bandai has yet to announce the game for localization.

A video filmed back in April has been brought to my attention today. Apparently, none of the net picked this up, but here it is. The video shows Troy Baker during a Q&A session at Sakura-Con 2010 where he confirms Tales of Vesperia PS3’s localization. He even says himself that he doesn’t understand why Namco Bandai have yet to announce a street date for the release."

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ClownBelt3053d ago

Not a big fan of tales, and I've lost interest on this game since yesterday, so meh. If it comes, it comes.

Yi-Long3053d ago

... not a big fan of 'localization'. We just need some english subs and we're good to go, but somehow 'localization' often means there is content cut that 'we in the west wouldn't be able to understand' and it means waiting over a year so we have the option to play with a horrible dub.

And that's when we're LUCKY, cause often they don't even make it an 'option', but mandatory to play with the horrible dub, cutting the original voices out :(

This complaints goes for movies as well btw. How many great asian movies have been butchered 'for our liking'!? Too many.

iamtehpwn3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

I laugh so hard when ever someone invokes the words "horrible dubs".
They aren't as bad as you imagine if you understand the original.

Raf1k13053d ago

I think what he means by "horrible dubs" is not the quality of the translation (which is usually fine) but the quality of the voice acting.

kingdavid3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

The game was already localized for 360 so i could imagine it shouldnt take too long for ps3???

PS the voice acting was quite good for this. Way better than the horrible job tri ace did for star ocean 4.

Redempteur3052d ago

Some dubs are horrible because they just miss the context of the scenes dubbed . ( ar tonelico )

Other are just bad because they try to hard (so4)

in fact for rpgs japanese dubis often better because the voice actors are WAY more invested in their work

ChickeyCantor3052d ago

Played the 360 version, voices aren't bad at all =).

To bad the Ps3 version offers more features....not that i ever got Over limit 3 or above...still good game though;


bakasora3052d ago

my X360 disc was scratched til unplayable.
Finally I can get to play it on PS3

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Reibooi3052d ago

My bet is they will announce it at E3 for a quick release a few weeks to a month after the show. Makes the most sense. I can't wait to play it on PS3 and see all the new stuff added and all the extra voice over they added(which was supposed to be a crap load if I remember correctly.

xskipperx823053d ago

It ain't happenin' Hacker 2021.

Godmars2903053d ago

Bit odd, and very frustrating, for it to take this long to come out.

knightdarkbox3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Just get the 360 version, I recently played it and it is a great game. Anyway i hope ps3 fans enjoy this amazing game..

Sigh3053d ago

Get the 360 version? Lol even the die hard Tales of Vesperia fans from the 360 version want the ps3 version because of the extra addons. Just stfu troll.

PandaJenkins3053d ago

He is trolling because the PS3 only has some extra content and thinks those with 360's who want to play it shouldn't wait and just get it? I played through all of it on 360 and it was fantastic. I had to wait ages for the PAL release and I wouldn't have wanted to wait longer just to get a loli pirate girl and various other small content. Really anyone who just says the 360 version sucks cause it doesen't have 'bonus' content is a troll. The 360 version is a complete game, so quit your fanboyism.

In all seriousness though for those with only PS3's, definitely worth playing if this happens. It is a great JRPG. Who knows how long it will take though, in the 360 case like I said it took forever to get a release in PAL countries, especially here in New Zealand :/.

aaronisbla3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

it actually has a significant amount of extra content, i remember being on forum boards for that game and hearing quite a bit of bitching cuz of the extra content not being on the 360 version. Its not like its just a bonus weapon or an extra outfit either

SaiyanFury3052d ago

I actually have been waiting for this since I knew the 360 version was coming out. I knew it would have a crapload of content, so I waited. If I knew for a fact that a PS3 version would not be released I would've gotten it for my 360. However, since Namco's performance with Eternal Sonata and it's "no plans for a PS3 version" I figured I'd see what happens. True to my believe there is now a PS3 version is Japan, and now it's apparently confirmed it's coming to the west. I'm glad I waited. :)

zatrox3053d ago

Oh what?
If this comes out then, YAY! finally.
If not...thanks for screwing with us again, Namdai.

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