Doom Legacy 2.0 - Breathing New Life Into A Classic

In 1997, id Software release the source code to the original Doom games to the public domain, spawning a slew of source ports adding all sorts of new and more advanced features to the ageing classic. Now, the Doom Legacy team have managed something that was considered impossible: added per-pixel lighting and normal mapping to the now 14-year old game engine. Check out the screenshots below or visit the forum for more information.

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The Real Joker5419d ago

I don't think this is enough for me to play through the whole game again. On second thought I installed Doom3 the other night and have had a great time playing it with a new computer and the mods that are out there.

LightofDarkness5419d ago

Yeah, but there is one very fun and excellent mod that was released recently called "Knee Deep in Zdoom." It requires the Zdoom source port and an Ultimate Doom IWAD (the file taht contains all the game assets), but it's basically a re-imagining of the original "Knee Deep in the Dead" episode from Doom that is so fondly remembered. It's excellently designed and really does recapture that original tension and thrill you got from playing Doom the first time. For anyone interested in this, I would definitely recommend taking a look at Knee Deep in Zdoom.