Badass Mortal Kombat Short Film Cast takes a look at the star studded cast of the Mortal Kombat short film; which includes Michael Jai White, Jeri Ryan, and Matt Mauldin.


Matt Mullins*

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polestar43107d ago

i liked sub zero helooks bad ass

Conloles3107d ago


Krugsy3107d ago

Holy CRAP! One of my favourite lines from one of my favourite movies. I salute you my good sir.

"What happened to Buzzsaw?"
"He Had to split!"

GodsHand3107d ago

That's Classic right there.

Reibooi3107d ago

The only thing I would change in the casting is Jeri Ryan playing Sonya Blade. She doesn't fit well enough and assuming Sonya has any fight scenes she would not be able to do it without a obvious stunt double. Being that this is just a short it would be easy to recast that if the movie gets picked up.

But Micheal Jai White NEEDS to stay as Jaxx he fits perfectly I think. I'm pretty excited to see if this gets off the ground.

karlowma3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I love Jeri Ryan and would never complain to see her, but Katheryn Winnick is pretty much made to play Sonya Blade.

Reibooi3107d ago

My main problem with her as Sonya is again if there is any fight scenes for her. As far as I know she is not a fighter or stunt person so she will have to have a stunt double and in fight scenes like the one we saw in the short you would EASILY be able to tell it wasen't her which takes away from the experience.

Michael Jai White on the other hand does everything himself(he is quite the martial artist actually) so his part would not be a problem.

If Sonya didn't have any fights scenes then I would not really care about the casting. But then that makes no sense to have Sonya in the movie in the first place unless she is gonna fight. As it stands now Sonya would be using a gun or something in the movie to avoid the stunt double issue if Jeri was used to play her in the movie and I just don't like that idea.

Drazz3107d ago

I wanna see this badly!!!!

Ri0tSquad3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Just the way it should be.


BYE3106d ago

I don't like the Sub-Zero look. He looks like a generic enemy from the Quake universe.

rezzah3106d ago

Wow thats really awesome.

Dance3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

im not liking sub zero new look

Double Toasted3107d ago

Really? I like it, it makes me think they're going to expand on his background. I wonder if the Lin Kuei actually got captured and turned into cyborgs?

ceedubya93107d ago

Only two things I didn't like:

1. Johnny Cage dying....again. He can never catch a break.

2. Baraka looks stupid.

Other than that, this movie needs to be made, now.

thematrix12983106d ago

Earth is dooomed...Johnny Cage is dead!

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The story is too old to be commented.