1UP: Joe Danger Review

At the end of the day, though, Joe Danger is a truly enjoyable game with some minor quibbles. You can pick it up and race in five-minute sprints when you feel like killing a little time, or you can drill down into it with the level editor and the myriad unlockables. Considering the penny-ante cost of this title, if you're at all interested in racing, platformers, or fun generally, you'd be crazy not to give Joe Danger a try.

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mal_tez923055d ago

Does anyone know when this will be out in Australia?

Sitris3055d ago

cost 19.95, go get it mate!

mal_tez923055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

An error has occurred.


I'll get it later.

kingdavid3055d ago

Youve got a couple of hours before psn shuts down. Hurry!

Grassroots3055d ago

This game is great fun, love what just four people did to create this game!

Some of the crash animation are just plain hilarious, wait until you see the shark tank.

Krugsy3055d ago

Yeah I was thinking the same. Its great to see up and comers succeeding, especially in an industry as competitive as this.