ModNation Racers for PSP Review (DualShockers)

Josh Wright, "I can’t help but feel like I’m playing Mario Kart part deux when firing up ModNation Racers on the Sony PSP. With the same basic racing concept, it’s hard not to think of the Nintendo classic. The only real difference is the fact you can design your own tracks, carts, racers, and etc. ModNation Racers is the newest game in the Play, Create, Share line of games from Sony. Little Big Planet started the trend and with the addition of the racing genre, looks as though there is no end to what gamers will be able to create in the future..."

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Hitman07693106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

I'm still probably getting this even though it's fairly straightforward and simplistic. Mario Kart is cool but I don't see any level editor still and it's been decades...

Chadness3106d ago

I haven't played the PSP version, but I have a feeling this may be something that translates better on a console/big TV. I dunno, I'd rather play a kart racer on something other than a handheld, I suppose.

iiprotocolii3106d ago

Played MNR at the Move event here in NYC, and that it was an awesome game. I couldn't see myself, however, playing such a game on a handheld. Not to say that I wouldn't try it, but playing *certain* games on a handheld feels somewhat weird at times.

Nice review!