Yakuza 4 to be playable at E3

Destructoid: "Damn you, Sega! I was so excited to tell you guys that Yakuza 4 is coming to the west. I couldn't wait to break the news to you as I know that there are plenty of Destructoid readers that love this game series as much as I do.

I signed an embargo that said I wouldn't talk about it until next week, but what's the harm now? Sega let the cat out of the bag! The PlayStation 3 game is coming to our shores in Spring of 2011, which is fantastic news, regardless of who you hear it from."

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budbundystyles3107d ago

If they give this the same major upgrade Assasin's Creed II had over it's predecessor, day 1. I enjoyed 3, rustic some elements were.

fourtwenty20093107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I was really hoping they wouldn't let us down. So glad Yakuza 4 is coming to North America. The reviews have been fantastic, and I really enjoyed Yakuza 3. Another stand out gaming experience, available only on Playstation. Thanks Sony!