E3: Super Mario Galaxy Co-op Mode Hands on Demo of an Entire Level

Gametactics E3 Coverage continues with an awesome 2 player co-op demo of Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii.

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VirusE4158d ago

Wow mario co-op that is so awesome!

Yuprules4158d ago

yeah well, it isn't really co-op don't exactly have a character running around on screen...maybe the next game! :)

VirusE4158d ago

Hmm, i cant read the article i was just going off the head line. Whats the deal?

eclipsegryph4157d ago

Isn't the very definition of "co-op" "cooperation", as in, one person helping out another? Thus how is this not "really" co-op? o_O

brattothecore4158d ago

I agree, it is to bad you can not have seperate characters; looks great though, it should be a blast

Skynetone4158d ago

Im so happy i could cry

Yuprules4157d ago

MC_KOOL_K ha ha, at least the Player 2 won't be sitting there doing nothing.

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The story is too old to be commented.