Legosz5155d ago


Mario185155d ago

I'm waiting for Piano Hero to come out

EXID5155d ago

they already have a keyboard in rock band 3 lol

failsoles5155d ago

Yep but wait until hordes of console owners pick it up. Only to cause a sequel ;-)

MmaFanQc5155d ago (Edited 5155d ago )

dj hero was an excellent music game, idont give a flying fck if activision is publishing it or buying good game because i am a gamer......easy no?

"bwhaaaaa bwhaaaaaaaaaaa, activision mis milking games ...bwhaaaaaaaa!!!!"


lovestospoodge5155d ago (Edited 5155d ago )

singing in a turntable dj game?
correct me if im missing something here

Montrealien5155d ago

Let's Milk the "let's Milk" comments everyone!!!

/on topic

I enjoyed the first one, played it on my PS3 with the wife quite a few times. I am excited for the new one. However Harmonix! you better be watching because I want my Freq/Amplitude sequel!!!

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SKUD5155d ago

I will wait for DJ Hero 10.

jerethdagryphon5155d ago

i cant see nay changes from the first one?

coojo5155d ago

damn i want this game dj hero is fun


Cow Hero involves milking the cow by pulling the titty fast and hard at the correct intervals and tempo. Expect the announcement at E3. Fully supported by Natal. Milking hand motions similar to masturbation, the future of gaming is here.

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Retroman2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

"Top 10 Last Generation games ?" How about games from 1988 -2002 Waaaaaaay better than Crapfest out now.

Snes,Ps1,ps2 said Hello.

Digital_Anomaly2717d ago

Well, that would be a different article then wouldn't it? Just because there's a focus on last gen doesn't mean we've forgotten about games older than that it's just not what this series of articles is about.


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