Grand Theft Auto IV Sells Over 17 Million Worldwide

Take Two reports that GTAIV has sold over 17 Million worldwide which is a fantastic figure for the game.

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nix5159d ago

and what a crappy game it was. i bought one too. hey!

IrishAssa5159d ago (Edited 5159d ago )

Very dissapointing entry into the series imo. Big step backwards.

nix5159d ago (Edited 5159d ago )

one of the reasons i haven't bothered to pick up Red Redemption. and oh.. i heard it's glitchy as hell.

@cayal: will think about it. i don't have time. plus.. i'm trying to finish Yakuza 3.

@MOD: and i wonder how the fuk we are suppose to 'discuss' with 2-3 bubbles??? at least increase the 'edit' time-frame to 1 hour.

cayal5159d ago

Red Dead is awesome. Get it.

Anon19745159d ago (Edited 5159d ago )

I thought GTAIV was one of the best games I've played in a long time. First off, it was a huge accomplishment to see a world that large and that detailed with so little loading. I haven't played RDR yet, but has this feat even been matched, let alone surpassed since GTAIV was released?

It was huge. It was varied. The characters were some of the best written characters I've ever played in a video game with excellent dialog to boot. I probably put in 30 hours with that game and didn't even touch the multiplayer portion, which I understand was also quite a bit of fun.

And the social commentary mixed with satire was excellent. I often found myself comparing sequences to excellent episodes of The Wire or the Sopranos. Rockstar set the bar for open world games with this one and it's one of the true, serious, adult oriented titles to come out.

Without a doubt this was my favorite entry in the series and one of the true, next gen titles we've seen. To this day I haven't the faintest idea how anyone can say anything bad about this game. Even if it wasn't your thing, how could you play this game and deny all that it accomplished. It has rightly earned it's place as one of the highest reviewed and best selling games of all time.

barom5158d ago (Edited 5158d ago )

No it's not because we like to hate on anything popular but it is because it is popular that there can be so many haters. Just think about it, popular --> more people playing --> more people disliking. Plus with so many changes from previous games, of course a lot of people are gonna hate. In my view, they just took one of my favorite series and made it boring, of course I'm annoyed.

I personally disliked it because the game made everything a hassle to do. Driving was a big hassle, one of my favorite things to do in past GTA games I might add (if it werent' for taxi I would never finished the game). Getting to a mission was a hassle. Even finding a taxi was a hassle. All the minigames was pretty terrible too.

I don't know if characters were "well-written" but I know I did not care for them because you met them for a couple of missions and in the next they're dead or never seen again. No character development = no attachments = i don't care about story. I also felt like I never related to Nico, this coming from an immigrant.

Apart from the detailed city and some cool car chases, this game was all around a big let down. Everything was simply just more fun in previous GTAs with gangs and over the top crazy story, characters, events etc. GTA IV felt so slow and annoying. I would compare previous GTAs to a comedian, he/she's there to entertain and make you laugh, while GTA IV is like the scientist (or whatever you want it to be) who has some impressive knowledge but is so extremely boring to listen to.


I actually agree with both of you.

I loved what GTA4 for many reasons and still feel as an open world game it's only been suppassed by red dead.

having said that, when you look at gta4 as a "gta" and how it compares to past GTA games, it is a step backwards.

I have said it many times and still believe, the problem with GTA4 was not it's graphics or anything technical. it just didn't match up in terms of all the crazy stuff you could do.

personally i think it's due to r* trying to make some aspects of it a little too serious. I still love the game and I don't believe all this crap about it being last gen or any of this crap.

Red Dead has stopped it though for me.

Dsnyder5158d ago

Your logic is impeccable.

badz1495158d ago

and I know it's not about hating the "popular"! GTAIV just doesn't do the GTA name justice! GTA should off been a mindless fun with pretty good stories but R* messed it up bad with most of the thing poeple love about the series in so many ways in GTAIV! all in the name of making it feel more realistic! - realism my ass! even the driving in the game is a mess and don't even get me start on the story!

you work from one guy to another and you betray and kill the guy and then another guy appear and he's like the boss of the dead guy, rinse and repeat! but most of the time, all you have to do is go to somewhere and eliminate targets! with an open world as huge as Liberty city, R* really were holding back on the potential of the game! although things are a bit better in the DLCs, GTAIV still leaved a bad taste!

as for the record, I'm pumped to get RDR! just don't have the budget yet!

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R2D25158d ago (Edited 5158d ago )

Can I please have my money back?

Thank you in advance and I look forward to your response.

P.S - I dont want to see any more penis in your games.

Kind regards

knight6265158d ago

the game wasnt that bad just stop complaining and go play RDR :)

Darkstorn5158d ago

I disagree. I beat GTA IV for the first time just last week and while some of the game mechanics were clunky, the sheer amount of brilliance in its execution more than makes up for it. Sometimes I would just pull my car over to the side of the road to listen to the brilliant social commentary on the radio. There was simply so much interesting content to take in, and an original story to boot.

Overall I'd give GTA IV a 9/10. I think that's a fair score.

BattleAxe5158d ago (Edited 5158d ago )

I played the multiplayer in Red Dead, and its really boring and really noobish. Everyone is visible on the map with a red dot...lol

As for GTA4, its just a gimicky game that gets boring after about 10 or so hours of gameplay.

ico925158d ago

GTA 4 was a great game but not so great that it deserved all those perfect 10's one thing that bothers me is that reviews critised San Andreas for having a repeptitive mission structure but GTA 4 is easily the most repeptitive of the series i didnt see any points knocked off for that GTA4 is an 8.0-8.5 game to this day i wonder how it ever got a 97 on gamerankings.

nickjkl5158d ago

everyone keeps brining up san andreas what did san andreas

robbing houses
having a gang
car customization

other than that theres nothing

gta4 was a unique environment it took what gta4 was made from and refined it the cars the guns the wanted system gps etc it was just to awesome

DrJones5158d ago

You took the word out of my mouth! Each time I see a GTA 4 article i KNOW that there is gonna be a full army of sheep claiming how much it sucked. Even TWO years after it was released! You dont see a game like Saboteur or Fracture get THAT kind of attention and complaining, and they are worse !

It's exactly like you say. It's the COOL factor of it that make people herd together like the sheep minded fools they are and spraying the old clichê nonsense. Even If the game wasn't perfect, all the hate is WAAY out of proportion when you compare it with the quality of the game, compared to most other games on the market. It's just a fad ride/cruise for the sheep, they will shrink down eventually, and someone with constructive criticism will step forward.

Nihilism5157d ago

That's unfortunate this hollow POS of a game sold so many copies.

SA was and will be my last GTA game.

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bigrob1235158d ago (Edited 5158d ago )

GTA4 was a brilliant game , my only regret is completing it b4 the trophy patch was released lol

R2D25158d ago (Edited 5158d ago )

What part did you enjoy most.

Playing pool
Playing darts
Going to the car wash
Picking up your GF to go to a comedy show
Bowling with your buddy
Buying some used cheap a$$ gear

I think your going to love the next GTA.
Going to the movies
Going to the super market
Going to the dentis
Window shopping
Walking your dog

San Andres and Saints Row says hi.

LtSkittles5158d ago

I liked throwing coffee cups at people, or beating people up, and getting them arrested for hurting me. I actually liked the story too. It's weird I did try to get into San Andreas, but I just couldn't finish it. I know there are people out who are opposite, but to me GTA IV was fun.

Anon19745158d ago

I didn't feel it had nearly the depth of previous GTA games. People swear by San Andreas but that has been my least favorite, and I never did come close to finishing it. I just gave up. All the gang wars just didn't feel like a GTA game. Load up a gang in the car, stop. Watch as your gang piles out of the car and then either just stands there or runs straight into a gunfight.

Looking back, that's where the game lost me. When it was just myself doing GTA type stuff it was fine, but the gang stuff just felt like a different game, and I didn't care for it.

Crusade5158d ago

I actually loved GTA4, but that comment is full of too much win to disagree with.

Gunner_Ali5158d ago

good game rockstar deserve the sales also hope for red dead to get similar readings

Mista T5158d ago

its a boring game that tried to be something that its not. GTA was always about the fun and the gameplay. I remember me and my friends would just sit around the TV with vice city and san andreas and take turns with each life and try to do outrageous things sometimes including cheat codes or whatever and we would have a blast and we would laugh out loud sometimes with what we would do.

never once did we do this with GTA4, as it just wasn't the same feeling or vibe the others provided. hopefully GTA5 goes back to what it used be because thats why everyone bought it in the first place.

STICKzophrenic5158d ago

Dude there's so much stuff to do in GTAIV Free Roam.

I've spent soooo many hours just fucking around with my friends on there.

Take a helo and get off at the top of a building, have a buddy land the helo at the base of said building and jump down into the blades.

There's a bike shop somewhere near a parking garage that has a ramp at the top. Land the helo in the street and jump the bikes (or cars) into the blades.

Have you messed around with the swing-set glitch? That's sooo much fun.

Find a fast sport bike and try to a double back flip off a ramp.

Get a stockpile of guns, ammo and grenades, get your wanted level up really high, steal a SWAT truck and see how long you can evade the police.

Seriously, if you can't find things to do in GTAIV, then you must want to be bored.

All that said, I loved the campaign and all the crazy ass characters. The dialogue is top notch and the writing reminds me of Quentin Tarantino films. Maybe I'm wrong on that, but I feel they have a lot of similarities.

no_more_heroes5158d ago

need I say more? I guess its just not my thing

tatotiburon5158d ago

GTAIV, Lost and The damned, ballad of the gay tony AMAZING games