Wii takes back No. 1 position from PS3 at retailer

Nintendo Co.'s Wii home video game system took back the No. 1 sales position from Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 at over the weekend due a recent restock that increased sales for the motion-sensitive console.

On Sun., Wii sales increased 400 percent when Amazon held a restock of the popular video game product for its customers.

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nasim4201d ago

PS3 would again overtake Wii with the release of LAIR

djt234201d ago

"PS3 would again overtake Wii with the release of LAIR"
you really think lair going to sell ps3 come on
lair look good but it not for me and other people dragon fight ???????
i understand warhawk but not lair. lolololol

Illidan4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

Lair will help sell PS3s but Wii also has a very strong game coming out same time as Lair, Metroid 3. This will also increase Wii sales. I believe 360 also has a good game coming out BioShock. Its going to be a excellent month for all consoles.

Kleptic4201d ago

imo Warhawk will be the first game to actually start truely moving systems...Lair and HS both look extremely good, but little is known about how much fun they will be...Warhawk already has a pretty big following, but I think it will make a big impression on game sites and reviewers when it is finally released...

Warhawk will be the only online game to compete against halo 3 for the ps3 for that release window...I didn't play much of Halo 3's beta...and it will definitely sell well no matter what...but Warhawk, more than any other ps3 game at this point, will be the first game to get everything correct on the will utilize Home...its invite and messaging system is rumored to be fully integrated with the next firmware update (2.0 that is rumored to use in game xmb...finally allowing a unified messaging and invite system across all games)...and will be priced less than most games...not to mention it is by far the most fun I have had on a PS3 so far...and most people that were in the beta agree...its the first game that will show off what the PSN can do, while still being completely free...

it also has plenty of firsts...the on-the-fly split screen is the coolest thing in console gaming yet...and once people use it, it will be very difficult to go back to "normal"...

VirusE4201d ago

Well said install, i think you make some strong points. I am looking forward to lair but i know a lot of people just dont care/are burnt out on fantasy right now.

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Blankman4201d ago

sigh looks like we are gonna be reporting news from amazon any time a console hits number 1.

unsunghero284201d ago

That's not exactly unimportant news.

Not for the PS3, not for the Wii, and it wouldn't be for the 360.

Bazookajoe_834201d ago

This is just my oppinion, but i realy hate the wii. I cant realy put my finger on why, i think it has to do with that its made for casual people and not gamers. Im probably gonna end up buying one any way, but it´s my girlfriend who will force me. I guess i could enjoy marioparty and zelda.. If they only put a little more power in the wii, like the 360 power with the wiimote. Then it could have some nice graf and be realy good, or the ps3 power in it would be even greater =)

unsunghero284201d ago

But then it wouldn't sell for $250, and then it would be a direct competitor for the 360 and PS3, and then it would lose the same way the GameCube did.

All in all, this was probably a smarter choice.

The Real Joker4201d ago

I was with you in a similiar scenario. I had to buy it for my wife and I was not a fan of the Wii. I will say it is alot of fun. I really have enjoyed Zelda, Paper Mario and ESPECIALLY Resident Evil 4. The contoller in RE4 is excellent and that game has completely taken all of my time (playing some of the Darkness on 360). I am sorry to say if you get one, it will grow on you and you will find yourself defending it on this site such as I am doing now.

Tsukasah4201d ago

go to or something like that... or just google fragfx and look for "something"fish and they're making a wii-style/nunchuk controlelr for the PS3, uses some laser sensing technolgy, its really cool, and it has its own battery.

To sony haters=
Sony didnt steal the idea, its a 3rd party thing....

felidae4201d ago

well .. i think it's good enough to be so close to the Wii.

SimmoUK4201d ago

Wii's back on top with it's low price point, i meen it's just in that very affordable for anyone bracket, fairplay to nintendo, that doesn't meen i think it will always be like that once all console prices drop, but that's a different story :)

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