Call of Juarez is a hidden gem

OSA: Call of Juarez Bound in Blood had always been on my radar, but upon receiving my copy of RDR I wanted to get into it before RDR ruined all western games as we know them. So I went down to gamestop and plucked it out of the bargain bin

If you've yet to experience Call of Juarez BiB due to the hype and greatness of RDR you should do yourself a favor and run to your nearest game store and pick this up for a some cheap fun

59.99 would have been a bit steep for a more linear western game with a few fun hours of multiplayer mixed in but at 19.99 this game is well worth the price of admission

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2late5123d ago

The original was pretty good too.

mjolliffe5123d ago

It's good and adventurous, but there's no way it can compare to the likes of other FPS' :)

kratos1235123d ago

sorry man but i loved this game the story was outstanding they should have gotten ride off the mp

Faztkiller5123d ago

I loved the Original but I couldn't get into Bound in Blood

Christopher5123d ago (Edited 5123d ago )

Hated Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. Horrible shooter, horrible cover system, crap story, crap characters, just not fun. I played through the first level, filled with soldiers throwing tons of freaking dynamite all over the place, representing the bazookas of the civil war it seems, in hopes it would get better... but it never did. AI was the worst part, with them tracking you through any and everything, including through tons of foliage you couldn't see through to who was shooting you.

The one thing I did like about the game were the graphics. Hiding behind a tree and seeing, up close, insects crawling over the tree and similar details were very well handled in the game.

tplarkin75123d ago

I played the original. Very creative and I really liked the old man that carried the Bible, quoting scripture to distract the enemies. Absolute must buy since it is likely very cheap now.

Kassanova075123d ago

It's a great game by all means and 20 bucks for a new game is a steal.

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Hellsvacancy5123d ago (Edited 5123d ago )

The game skanked me of 1 trophy lol, i completed it but never got the trophy to say i hav completed it, i replayed the last level a dozen times but never got it

Online was really bad but half of that was because there wasnt many players ever online

I didnt like the girlie endin either but overall it was a good game 1 of my better rental choices

Trroy5123d ago (Edited 5123d ago )

Call of Juarez 1 & 2 are both pretty fun games.

Killjoy30005123d ago

I admire the author for thinking differently than most people out there.

SilverSlug5123d ago

Have not played it yet. Too many new games I own :( .

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