Joystiq interviews Sony about Home, possible PSP integration with Home, the redesign and more

At E3, Joystiq had a chance to talk to SCEA Senior Vice President Philip Rosenberg and John Koller, Senior Marketing Manager of the PSP. Joystiq talked to these two Sony executives to find out more about Home, possible PSP integration with Home, the redesign, and more.

Joystiq: Why announce a PSP redesign now?

Phil: Well, it's an evolution of PSP. Our conversation with our customer from the very first day is that we're going to continue to evolve our products. I think that the evolution of the redesign really reinforces that. Adding more RAM to make game loading faster, adding video out, really opens up the whole proposition of UMD video content on PSP other than gameplay completely. Slimmer and lighter is cooler. Introducing new colors -- it's something our customers have been really excited about.

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I really like how all the different playstation platforms and mobiles (Sony only or multi?) can interact with home. I cant wait for they to get the system up and running and try out its different forms of interaction. I just want a cool clan house for me and my buds for any of the awesome games coming out.

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