Guerrilla Games: Devs "Can't Neglect" Storytelling

Hermen Hulst of Guerrilla Games talks about storytelling and shares some details concerning the plot of Killzone 3.

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DoomeDx4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

Link doesnt work for me

Edit: Nevermind! Firefox was messed up.
should doublecheck next time! :)

joeyda4125d ago

Ha, thanks! I was like, "shit, what?"

evrfighter4124d ago

Lol kz3 storyline is as generic as they come. Bookmark this. You will see a helghan defector that's more than likely a chick.

OpenGL4124d ago

I have to agree, even though I enjoyed Killzone 2 quite a bit. Most games suffer from generic-story-syndrome. A few exceptions include Uncharted, Infamous, Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, and Half-Life.

raztad4124d ago

Kz3 storyline? you know nothing about KZ3 dude. I'm gonna bookmark this.

BTW, how can I save this thread?

sikbeta4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Guys it's a FPS, a God Damn FPS, the same bland stereotypical stories used in the FPS Genre all the Freaking Time,... come on, an Space-marine fighting aliens, different human races fighting each other and so on, don't tell me That [NOW] there is an issue with that...

Thank God they are Trying to Put some Story on the Game that will make KZ3 more Appreciable, anyway KZ3 = Day One...

gamelova4124d ago

I cannot wait for this game, my expectations are sky high. Please Guerilla, please don't fail me with the storyline.

mushroomwig4125d ago

The day devs neglect storytelling is the day I quit gaming. Story is the most important element to a game, period. You can have the most amazing graphics in the world but without a decent story to drive it..well, it's meaningless.

DoomeDx4125d ago

Most important element to a SINGLEPLAYER game. ^^

online doesnt need it :D

ShinMaster4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

Which is why I don't buy games like MW2, BBC2, or any other FPS unless they have a good and unique story. I can't stand a game that is only 3 hours long with multiplayer maps.

Maybe it's just me, but I can't survive on online play alone. It's never what pulls me to a game. The story is what gets me started and keeps me going. Online for me is still extra.
Having read the story behind Killzone, I hope to see good stuff from the next game.

BABY-JEDI4124d ago

But IF ONLINE has a story that evolves through the campaign via news reports mentioning casulties, successes or failures then you would have one hell of an amazing game!!!
Bring it on GG

-Alpha4124d ago

Storytelling is hard. FPS' focus so much on multiplayer that its hard to find a good story. Killzone 2 lacked a good story at all. Dialogue was annoying, objectives were typical (protect the convoy), etc. I am very happy to see Guerilla Games making it abundantly clear that they are going to focus on story. Killzone has a great back-history that needs to get properly told.

Anyways, I don't look for story too much in FPS's. I enjoy games like UC2, Shadow of the Colossus, etc. for story. I absolutely do love a game with a story and I have high hopes for inFamous 2 and The Last Guardian, even Killzone 3 with all the emphasis they've been giving on storytelling and gameplay.

mushroomwig4124d ago

You're completely right about Killzone 2, it was a pretty fun game but it was generic 101.

-Alpha4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

I wasn't expecting much from the story. It was a fun game, but the single player was average. I enjoyed the cover a lot actually, and the graphics were stunning, but gameplay-wise and story-wise there is so much more potential. The focus was on "Teh grafix!" for the single player. I was more disappointed with the fact that there wass such a good history present in the Killzone universe. It was left largely untapped in Killzone 2, but I fully expect Killzone 3 to deliver it. GG is promising bigger levels, bigger action (which was always a strong point next to the graphics in Single Player), more diverse gameplay (run n' gun AND cover and shoot with CQC, jetpacks, etc), and an amazing story. It's all I could ask for in a single player portion of a game. I have high hopes for the potentiality of K3.

trancefreak4124d ago

There were back peddling parts in killzone 2 that I didnt care for. Taking viscari square was one of them. Different waves of enemies and limited fighting space.

I like when you can transverse freely to another area or not stay in the same place for very long. The whole area was scripted.

Other than that im a die hard killzone 2 fan + the mplayer rocked - the rockets for me personally I liked the pistol only matches at radec acedemy.

raztad4124d ago

KZ2 story wasnt very well told and their characters were not developed yet the story was there. From the invasion (and Visaris amazing intro speech) to Visaris ultimate fate, KZ2 helped to move KZ universe forward.

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xabmol4124d ago

Gameplay is the most important element in a game.

xDaRkModEx4124d ago

Especially in FPS games.

beavis4play4124d ago

i think gameplay and story are equally important.

mushroomwig4124d ago

Gameplay is extremely high up on the list, but in my opinion it's story. :P

lukewind4124d ago

Exactly, which is why Killzone 2's mp is a dead zone today.

xabmol4124d ago

Story almost always takes a back seat to gameplay.

Motorstorm, Demon's Souls, Borderlands, Megaman, Virtua Fighter, etc. Even ICO and SotC have almost no real story. And the games I have that do have a great story also have gameplay of equal or GREATER status. ie UC, GoW, Mirrors Edge, J&D, R&C, MGS4, 3D Dot, etc...

Story is a great bonus, but at the end of the day I PLAY games to PLAY and watch movies/TV for story. Not every Dev can make games like UC2 and MGS, but as long as there fun to PLAY I'll love 'em!

Sarevok4124d ago

A dead zone? you fail at trolling.
you can find a list of full games on killzone 2.

The Iron Sheik4124d ago

I was playing KZ2 earlier today, plenty of rooms and plenty of people playing. If you had a PS3 and KZ2 you would know that.

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Tony P4124d ago

Yeah, sure GG.

I don't go to shooters for story. They lost that long ago when MP became more important than SP. I don't consider 3-4 games full of cliffhangers so they can keep milking the franchise "good" storytelling.

PrimordialSoupBase4124d ago

The most important thing to a game is its game. Its systems. Its mechanics.

Even with a competent story, something like Modern Warfare 2 is fundamentally a trash singleplayer design.

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SKCShifty4125d ago ShowReplies(8)
LordMarius4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

This game is turning out to be a real gem, it's like every PS3 sequel is deemed for greatness all because of Uncharted 2

beavis4play4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

all of sonys first-party studios are exceptionally gifted. it was talent and hard work that made games like GOW3, ratchet:TOD (and "a crack in time"), and KZ2 so wonderful. if anything - each of the first-party studios drive each other to new heights......

the reason EVERY ps3 1st-party sequel is great?...all of the devs are great. it's the #1 reason i went with a ps3 instead of 360. no insult to the MS console - it's just that ALL of sonys first-party devs are amazing.

edit: at "franky" below me...not just day1 - i'll preorder as soon as someone will let me!!!!!

Darkstorn4124d ago

I'd argue that Metal Gear Solid 4 was the real turning point for the PS3. It's quality is still unmatched, in my opinion.

TooTall194124d ago

agreed, and KZ2 is better than UC2.

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