Live to bring the Leipzig Games Convention home as well?

After E3, it seems that the Leipzig Games Convention could be in line for some "bringing it home" treatment, thanks to the latest age ratings released by Germany's USK board.

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JIN KAZAMA5419d ago

lemme guess now, all the xbots will say, "see how much better LIVE is than PSN". Dumb xbots.

Art of Motion5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

NO games !!! No games!!!! NOTHING....... Enjoy nerdville (home)

razer5419d ago

Now with X07 not happening this would be a good one to "Bring Home" as well as TGS. This also makes me think that they have some big stuff planned for this event. One my favorite things about the the Marketplace are these event's and all the new content they bring.

Caxtus7505419d ago

what a crap will obviously be for the show demo as the lack of a mat which was pointed out...what a waste of a page as it basically says "we will have to wait" sh!t...

EDIT: apologies...i am having bad day :(

THAMMER15419d ago

No X06 so Live @ Leipzig will do.