NowGamer: No Lag: PS Move Pre-E3 SOCOM Hands-On

Hands on with SOCOM 4 - no visible lag. The soft movement at the edges of the screen is intentional.

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sixaxis4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

looks very cool and easy to learn.

Hideo_Kojima4748d ago

maybe my dad will finally be able to play a FPS when they make one.

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kneon4748d ago

22ms is less than 1 frame at 30fps so if that's the case then there is no discernible lag

Time_Is_On_My_Side4748d ago

Lol, have you ever taken into consideration that the response time is so quick that the average person doesn't notice latency?

Like for example with many versus with games, most times the average person wouldn't even notice the different pixel counts?

HolyOrangeCows4748d ago

Clearly there is slight lag. No where near as bad as Wii and Natal, though.

Ju4748d ago

It's 22ms HW latency, about 16ms for a DS3. Eventually that ends up at 100-150 running through the engine.

Putting these 6ms difference between DS3 and Move into relation to SW overhead, it is negligible. Both DS3 and Move have about the same response time.

ThanatosDMC4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

I dont care about the controls. But WTF he was being shot by a rain of bullets and there wasnt any visible damage?! Is this another tank game? I'd rather use a DS3 controller for Socom.

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raztad4748d ago

Agreed and you make a good point. Probably this is the first time the guy is trying Move yet he is having fun and blasting through the game with ease.

Kinda funny Nowgamer themselves states there is NO LAG, Sony stated MOVE lag is 22 ms but fans of the other console see an appreciable lag in that footage.

Move is looking really good. I only need confirmation of more hardcore games using it and I'd be sold.

Blaze9294748d ago

Is that site blind? There was clearly 'visible' lag. "The soft movement at the edges of the screen is intentional." sure...

Arksine4748d ago

...but it doesn't look to be any more than normal. HDTV's always introduce a certain amount of latency due to processing, even in game mode. Add to that standard controller latency (22 ms), and any latency introduced by the renderer itself.

Its about the same amount of "lag" that you would have with a standard controller, but its much more visible because you can actually see the large movements of the player.

I do agree that they need a better mechanic for turning the camera, particularly for multiplayer gaming.

Death24944748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

seen the New natal footage with the water rafting game, right? Then they showed the infamous Ricochet demo. "....We accurately track the human skeleton with Natal..." ass you do. The little boy wasn't even playing, he just started rolling around on the floor. If you want to talk about lag then look at Natal first.

I'm pretty sure he means no "visible lag". Countless sources have reported that Move's lag is naked to the human eye.

Your movement -to- the camera -to- the ps3 -to- the TV. It would also help if your TV had 2ms response time. Even so, with all that processing going on, it still ONLY has 22ms lag. Natal is sitting at about 130-150ms lag, in beta.

dizzleK4748d ago

looks good and seems responsive, he seems to be having an easy time. i'm sold on move.

klado4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

Jajajajaja, joke of the year, even xbox fanboy are laggy. @piramides30

On topic, it surprise me, how xbox trollboy want to settle themselves over and over none xbox's topics, the day they admit natal is the most laggy piece of bllsht, is the they where world explode, and sure the super x ray they have to see lag in a horrible quality video.

Lol, lag in their eyes.

T9X694748d ago

I think its funny if anyone that comments on the Move even if they own a PS3 and says the word "Lag" the Move fanboys instantly -Bubble for trolling. There is noticeable lag, its not extreme but its there, you need to accept that and move on. Yes I do own a PS3 and I'm very excited for SOCOM 4 as long as they stay true to the series, but I'm not going to lie and say there isn't lag to try to win over the Xbox fanboys. Grow up.

Wrathman4748d ago

wow.the denial in here is unbelievable.clearly a bit of lag.

which makes me wonder 'wots the point'why dont they just wire those controls and be done with lag completely.or just change the ds3 controller to the dongs?

i really dont understand wot is the point of the camera and the controller!you could move the crosshair across the screen faster and moRe accurate with the standard controller..with NO LAG!


SuperM4748d ago

I wonder what the guys above me has been smoking. 22ms latency is actually less latency then the dualshock 3. And yes there is latency but latency does not equal lag. Everything has latency. Even your wired keyboard has latency. But its not lag unless it gets in the way of the experience.

As for being able to move faster and more accurate with the standard controller. I really hope you are trolling because there is nothing worse then delusional morons who claim normal healthy people are in denial. And if you really meant what you said there then you belong in that category. Thats not to say im fond of trolls either.

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jwatt4748d ago

Yea I like the way the environment look. Plus the blood and physics looks really cool!

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