Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 Screenshots and Close-Ups

Grapically this game looks amazing and the gameplay seems to be right up there with the visuals. You can check some of the screenshots of the game right here...

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Blankman5419d ago

the 2007 one didnt play that great to me. at least not as good as 2006. lets hope they imporove in 2008

Bazookajoe_835419d ago

Common, it´s a little cool.. Use to watch this all the time as a kid and now i can get a blast from the past =) Kane rocks!!!

VirusE5419d ago

I wouldn’t call it gay (that so childish) but I do agree. Who buys this crap? "Pro wrestling" is nothing more than a white trash male soap opera.

The Real Joker5419d ago

Throw this and Nascar in the same group. From a fighting standpoint I much prefer the real deal: UFC and Boxing (in that order)

VirusE5419d ago

I am with you; i dont know how you could watch this over the ufc. When i was a kid i dug the wwf and wcw but we didnt have anything like UFC back in the day.

The Real Joker5419d ago

When I was a kid I thought it was real in some sense. Then maturity kicked in and it did not interest me. There are lots of fans for this sh1t where I live. I live in TN which has plenty of stereotypes but those stereotypes are there for a reason. What I find crazy is if you look at some of these events there are grown men and women yelling and screaming at choreographed hillbillies with roid rage. Sorry for the rant but I get tired of it.

VirusE5419d ago

"at choreographed hillbillies with roid rage" LOL, classic!

DeadlyFire5418d ago

Wrestling is not a white trash soap. It is mostly a soap with the WWE, but its okay. I play the game mostly just to beat the crap out of other players. That is what the games are about. Don't compare the TV show with the game there is no comparison. RAW has gone to crap, and there other shows aren't much better. The Game is much better than the boring soap they put on the TV.

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Keyser5419d ago

I live in TN now ans I don't see people go crazy for wrestling but I may be in the wrong circles. They do love their Monster Truck though. When I was a kid I used to love wrastlin but now it's ridculous to me. It's amazing that the same type of people who like Monster Truck enjoy wrastlin. I guess they like the "over the top" action that would never really happen. I'm not hating on them. It's their business. It's just not for me.

For a male soap opera I'll take Dragonball Z which had me and the guys glued to the tv when I was in college a few years back.

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