Microsoft prepping 'surprises' for PS3 launch

Microsoft's Euro marketing manager hints at surprise PS3 and Wii spoiler tactics coming later this year.....

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truth735393d ago

iam so tired of hering about what xbox is gonna do to ps3 if you are the best?????? why worry about the compitition ill tell you why because u are scared of whats coming and u will be bringing up the rear again

highps35393d ago

Their day is done. They had a year its over, dont think you can do anything to stop the Ps3. Im not going to see anything done to the 360 that will change my mind. Release whatever shooter you have, put the stupid hd dvd on for free it just wont matter. 360 better hope the ps3 is as bad as everyone has been saying or 10 mill is all they will have. 108 days or so left better release another shooter LMAO!

BadTaste5393d ago (Edited 5393d ago )

Just remember to buy Genji 2 and be prepared for the GIANT ENEMY CRAB BATTLE, as it will be "intense" and attack it's weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE. Don't forget about Resistance: Fall of Man, how cool will it be fighting aliens in WW2 lol



the funny thing is, MS don't even need secret plans! just give sony enough rope...


PS3 Owns All5393d ago

Microsoft is gonna Fall this November! They seemed confident did'nt they? Now they're making plans? LMFAO what a joke. I don't care what they do to the 360 its not gonna stop me from buying the best NEXT generation system, The PlayStation 3!

PS3 Owns All5393d ago

I don't care what u 3sh1tty fans say. NOTHING will change my mind. 360 fans so desperite to talk bs about the PS3 just to get more people to by a 360. Let the PEOPLE choose. Don't try to desperitely force them by talking BS. The people all around will know that the best will be Sony AND the Play Station 3!

Cyclonus5393d ago

because you don't fvcking have one, lametime.

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The story is too old to be commented.