TheGameFanatics: Why NBA 2K Has Won The War Against NBA Elite(Live)

Chris B. of TGF writes:

"Licensed sports video games in the last decade have always been walking the line of trying to become more and more realistic, while keeping the gameplay as fresh and exciting as one see’s when watching the real thing on television or in person. In general the genre has been dominated by two publishers but as of late in the last few years has been strong armed by one in particular."

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The_Zeitgeist5161d ago

I love the idea of playing as Jordan but how will it work? Is he just going to be on a retro team and maybe some mini-games? I'm buying the game regardless because I haven't bought it since 2k8 and I need my TYREKE EVANS ROTY GO KINGS!!!!!!!!

talltony5161d ago (Edited 5161d ago )

Even since the ps2 days when NBA 2k was only 40 bucks compared to 50 for live.

feelintheflow5161d ago

it won't be because of Jordan. He is about 10 years late. Maybe he shouldn't, along with Barkley, kept themselves out of the early versions of live when they were playing because they felt they should have get more money than everyone else. If anything, I might not buy this game because it has Jordan. While I know he is the greatest ever, and I loved him when he played, I hated how we couldn't play as him when he was at his peek, so now, F him. I got tired of playing as number 99 on the bulls that had perfect stats because he felt he and Barkley were bigger than the game.

solidjun55161d ago

NBA 2K series has been winning that war for quite a while now. Quite a while.

GiggMan5161d ago

Yeah true, since like.... 2K really.

looney5161d ago

Go lakersssssssssssssssssssssssss ssss ea sports is dead 2k is the new king of basketball

The_Zeitgeist5161d ago

To hell with the Lakers. I am so sick of Lakers fans.

supremacy5161d ago

with all those 6 rings, now...i wonder what would bill Russell look like trying to that with his 11 rings?

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EA May Add A Replay Editor To Its Games

EA has published a new patent that wants to add a replay editor to its games, allowing players to modify the captured gameplay content.

sammichosaurus17d ago

They should fix their games first.

Knightofelemia17d ago

Most likely comes with microtransactions and loot boxes.

Inverno17d ago

Nah you just gotta watch a short, unskipable, 30 seconds ad every time you use the feature. Those same ads will then be automatically edited into your captured gameplay before your video is stored online (no local saves), where they will have the right to use for promotional purposes.

Snookies1216d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Please don't give them ideas, lol! That definitely sounds like something they'd love to do.


EA Hiring Ex-Military Personnel to Help Build Next Battlefield Game via "Hiring Our Heroes" Program

EA has hired ex-military personnel in order to help shape the next Battlefield game as part of the Hiring Our Heroes (HOH) program.

OtterX40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Why don't you Hire Your Old Dev Team who brought us the brilliance of Battlefield Bad Company 2 while you're at it. It was more exciting than anything recent in the Battlefield series. It just needs to be updated to reach modern times, but it was so great at its core.

just_looken40d ago

This would be nice but that team has tossed out the finals and has arc raiders on the back burner

20 thousand still play the final's

Why get slapped around by ea when you already have something going on.

What the next battlefield needs is a step back simple functional not a live service and smaller player servers than 2042. Just make it like battlefiled 3 with bad company destruction just something simple

But they already killed off ridgeline games that had ex halo/cod devs so no singleplayer unless they make another dev team for it.

Rynxie40d ago

It's what made zipper and slant six awesome. They had military vets working for them, no just as consultants, but as developers as well. I wish Sony never closed them, MAG 2 or an update to MAG and a new socom is much needed.