EIEIO 07: Sabotage Preview and Screens

The game in question is Sabotage, a third person stealth action game from Hamburg-based Replay Studios, and it puts players into the role of Violette Summer, a British operative working behind enemy lines to pull off one-woman covert ops and weaken the Nazi war machine. Though her exploits in Sabotage are fictional, Summer is based on historical British Special Operations Executive secret agent Violette Szabo, who executed numerous successful missions before being captured and executed.

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The last sentence in the preview: Gamecock Media Group plans to ship Replay Studios' Sabotage for PC and Xbox 360 later this year.
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Wrong story type
Should be
Found this story in the xbox360 section. It is not a 360 game but a PC game. Not to be confused with the 360 game "Saboteur". Similar setting different games. Should be removen from the 360 section.
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Sorry for the lot of attached images, but Shacknews' gallery is so unusable. :)

X_GAMER_X4969d ago

Hope it will look better in the near future.
Thanks for the update TnS

TnS4969d ago (Edited 4969d ago )

This games comes to X360 too. See the last sentence in the preview: "Gamecock Media Group plans to ship Replay Studios' Sabotage for PC and Xbox 360 later this year."

id dot entity4969d ago

This game looks really promising. Don't know if a release later this year is a smart one though. I mean, with Mass Effect, Halo 3, PGR4 and other well known top titles this game can easily be overrun. Which can turn out to be a shame.

MK_Red4969d ago

Holy... I saw the trailer for this game 3 years ago and thought it was canceled. And now its gone to consoles?
Cool pictures, hope they have done enough work.