PS3 "too expensive", says Microsoft !

Eyebrows remain unraised as MS Japan chief has a pop at Sony's next-gen console

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zypher5396d ago

well yeah. it doesn't take some CEO whose probably in danger of losing his job to tell us that. i'm curious though: couldn't Mr. Sensui have used his resources better by figuring out a way to save the 360 in Japan instead of telling the world what it already knows?

xeon1215396d ago

"Gaming is the essential role of Xbox 360 and the experience is in no way inferior to any other console."

thats the only direct quote from him nothing about sony and nothing about pricing what utter bs this "news" is just shlt stirring

highps35396d ago

This is such news. I didnt know this before he said it, I mean now that Microsoft has said it I mean im totally going to rethink it! NOT! Sounds like someones scared. I'll pass on the cheap machine!

truth735396d ago

just keep crying fear you past fear your future its over chump box

Lucidmantra5396d ago

I am fearing. While I sit and see the release list of titles MS is dropping between now and Jan 2007. Wait a minute, I am fearing I don't have enough money to buy them all. And playing my NEWGEN console all night long with my n4g gaming Clan buddies on XBL. Good times.... Good times.


watch out!

that PS3 fridge is going to eat you like a giant crab! damn sony and their traps!

zypher5396d ago (Edited 5396d ago )

what does that have to do with this article? do i have to remind you to "Keep your comments relevant to the news story."


take a look at the photo next to the story...


zypher5396d ago

don't really agree with the caveat. but i STILL can't help but find it kinda funny lol.

Lucidmantra5396d ago

Friendly jab - This is the next useage of the CELL processors. Controlling your next-gen refridgerators. They did say it will do other things besides gaming.

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PS3 Owns All5396d ago

I agree with you zypher, I agree. THis crappy 360 fan is always say crap about the PS3. This goes for all 360 fans ''WASTE OF TIME'' That's all they are. Type BS about the PS3 is not gonna change anything. Desperite idiots. THis is another reason why me nor ANY of my friends don't have a spinning shoe box with an X on it. Because its worthless! We bought high end PCs. PC and PS3 are the 2 best for this next gen



i though PS3 was a PC?

or is that more SONY bullsh1t?

Lucidmantra5396d ago (Edited 5396d ago )

I want to correct you. There is no next-gen there is NEW-gen the "next-gen" has started already dispite Ken's comments about it doesnt start until Sony says so. MS Launched a next-gen already so it has started. You really need to do a little research and see the PS3 IS catching alot of heat, it IS still not 100% done, have you seen a PS3 totally set up and running with its power block? Have you seen running gamecode of these games like MotorStorm, MGS4, Warhawk? Nope, and neither have the 360 fans. BUT the 360 fans have seen running code of Gears of War, and many other games which are running and are released. When they canvas developers and 65% say it is over priced, when about 40% says they are more excited to develop for the 360, when 65% say the dev tools for the PS33 are meerly average (current issue of GI), when PSM (a PS magazine) runs an article saying is it really worth the price as a cover story and spend 2 pages saying why it isn't then 2 saying why it is, when EDGE (a very high end UK gaming magazine says that the games are unimpressive).. The proponderance of evidence says it is the Sony fanbois who have bought into Sony's hype machine not the 360 fans who are dillusional. I am not saying don't show brand loyalty, it is your money... be happy the PS3 is coming... Don't sit here and tell me that it is cure cancer and welcome a whole new world of gaming for $200 more. It simply won't do it in the next 2 years. Yes, I will probibly buy one because I like the MGS series it is a great series, Lair looks interesating if it lives up to the CGI trailers they continue to show for it. Remember Occum's Razor.. The easiest solution is usually right. Is it that the whole world has a problem with the PS3 or the fact that the PS3 is not that much better than the 360? I leave you to answer that for yourself as a consumer and a brand loyalist. I look at the evidence and say you know what, it is a gaming console and Sony is getting a little arrogant and losing sight of the GAMING in Gaming Console, to let you run a WiFi network, BluRay movies, and all the other gadgets they are selling their GAMING console with. 360 is a gaming console with movie and media extensions, but firmly places itself as a gam9ing console first.

Best Wishes on November 11th, - Lucid

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