Double Fusion releases study with proof of videogame advertising efficacy

Double Fusion has released a landmark study which offers the first wide-scale positive proof of the efficacy of video game advertising, outlines ad effectiveness measurements and takes a step toward developing an in-game ad rating system. The research, designed with and conducted by new media research firm Interpret LLC, combined both qualitative and quantitative methods and biometric testing to analyze advertising impact across 36 dynamic and integrated in-game and around-game ad placements across 10 top-selling games from a variety of genres.

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PS-Wii-605419d ago

Fkn money hungry c*cksucking corporations!

This is MY gaming!
Leave it the F*CK alone!

Guess Who I Am5419d ago

In a way I agree. It's not like we can click "IGNORE" on these advertisements.

BUT, using these subtle advertisements may also increase the budget of a tittle which in turn may increase its quality. If the quality of the tittle is not there than that just means the fukers pocketed the money, and left us with a shietty finished product.

Rooted_Dust5419d ago

But I would like for them to fit in with a game, like they do for movies. If you're doing ads for Pepsi make all vending machines in the game Pepsi machines, as long as it fits in. What I don't like is random branding all over the walls. I don't want to see a subway advert just painted on to a wall in Dust1 on Counter-strike, it just looks bad.

The Real Joker5419d ago

Its not like that stuff works

*grabs can of Pepsi and takes a large drink followed by holding the can next to face and saying "ahhhh"