Nintendo Prez Raves About Wii 'Mario Kart,' Defends 'Manhunt 2,' Shares 'Endless Ocean' Secrets

Last year some people were worried that the Wii console overseen by Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime was driving some gamers to accidentally hurl their controllers through their TV screens.

A week ago, at E3, Fils-Aime helped unveil the Wii Balance Board, a bathroom-scale-shaped controller designed for Wii-enabled full-body yoga, hula-hooping and skiing video game action (see "Nintendo At E3: Mad 'Mario' Titles On The Way; Wii Zapper Could Be A Future Shock"). Might Nintendo be concerned that the Board will drive gamers to accidentally hurl themselves through their TV screens?

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PS360WII5419d ago

Sounds all good. Hopefully we get to see a bunch of new games using the balance board and Mario Kart is all that it's suppose to be. One comment he made thou was a bit off:

"Could there be a market for a Wii hard drive? There certainly could be." No that statement should read 'There is a market for a Wii hard drive.'

ItsDubC5419d ago

Agreed. He has to know that there's a market for a Wii HDD. Hopefully he's just trying to hide the fact that one is in the works. Make use of that eSOL middleware license Nintendo!

ChickeyCantor5419d ago

..all they have to do is make a firmware update so it will accept FAT32 3.5 external USB harddrives.

MyNutsYourChin5419d ago

My guess is that a harddrive or something that would perform a similar task has been in the works for some time now. Either an upgrade to the software that would allow for any external HD to connect, like sidar has said, a beautifully designed high capacity Nintendo brand HD (possibly wireless if it doesn't limit read times), or a redesigned Wii 2 (alternatively, Wii ii) that includes an internal HD.

However, I think a redesigned Wii is not likely and I also think that Nintendo would "keep it in the family" so to speak and not upgrade the software to allow outside HD's. Thus, I believe Nintendo is/has been working on a HD for some time and they will release it at an optimal time.

ChickeyCantor5419d ago

" Wii 2"
Nintendo's next console is going to be small too thats no brainer, even though it sounds stupid if they dont add an HDD, I dont think they will because like the current Wii it can get hot easy because its so small.
Adding a harddrive could add extra heat.
As long they keep it with external harddrives i'm fine with it, because you are able to pick your own harddrive and Gig's

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RyuCloudStrife5419d ago

I really hope Nintendo gives the Wii a hardrive

bootsielon5419d ago

What for? I doubt there will ever be add-ons for games or multimedia. Downloadable games are so low on size you don't really need an HDD.

PS360WII5419d ago

yea.. my Wii internal memory is tapped out. If I want anything new I get to do the fun copy to SD card, delete game, download new game, and repeat. Then if I want to go back to the other games I've deleted I get to find some other game I want to delete then download the old title again. It's getting harder and harder with each new Monday as well. If no HDD then at least make us able to access the SD card for games and such.

djt235419d ago

wii only need a harddrive or allow you download games to your SD card

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