First Far Cry 2 images

Ubisoft has released the first Far Cry 2 concept images. To view the full gallery click on the "Weitere Bilder gibt es hier" button below the images on the German site.

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solidt125423d ago

To me it just looks like some sketches or the games. I don't think thats the game.

TnS5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

These are concept images. And I must say they are beautiful. I hope that the game itself will be as nice too as these.

Gamer135422d ago

I hope they bring the jungle alive.

IM OUT...///"""

MK_Red5422d ago

Wow, good find and images. A new setting for next Far Cry. I still dont get why the hell did they allow Uwe Boll to make the FarCry film. His Bloodrayne, HOTD and Alone In The Dark almost killed the games and we all know that a bad movie will seriously hurt the game sales (Tomb Raider 2 the movie and the TR:AOD the game or Mortal Kombat: Annihilation movie and MK4 the game).

Hope his game gets past tghe devilish Uwe Boll and becomes another classic.