Coming to EU PS Store - 26th July

The following content will be uploaded onto the Euro PSN store on Thursday 26th July:

PS One games:
- Crash 2
- Spyro 2
- Medievil
- Wipeout 2097

PS3 Demos:
- Heavenly Sword

PS3 Trailers:
- Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction
- GT5 Prologue

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wotta4110d ago

Some pretty good stuff there.

Bathyj4110d ago

Nice PSOne games too. Wipeout 2097 WOOHOO. I wish it had sixaxis support for the forward backward tilt. If you can use the tilt properly you dont ever need to use the airbrakes.

Just to let you know how old I am, I once won a PS in a nightclub by kicking everyones arse at Wipeout 2097. Ahh memories.

HandShandy4110d ago

Your an old bastard! lol

It's odd for Sony to release the details early for the EU store update!!? What's with all the EU Buttkissing lately anyway, what have we done to deserve this??

techie4110d ago

Ahhh. I've waited 3 years to get my hands on this :) so good.

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The story is too old to be commented.