PlayStation Online Not Military Friendly

Folks in the military have downtime. Being no different than the rest of us, many like to get their game on during that downtime. Big problem for PS3 owners on military bases abroad. The PlayStation Network doesn't support FPO/APO (military) addresses. What does that mean? If you work for the military, good luck on getting online.

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ALI G4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

it soooooooooo crap,
unless they cannot afford XBOXLIVE GOLD=U GET WHAT U PAY 4
"is nOt that what sHony also says about 600$ BS3/grilling mechaie"

@4.LeShin :Funny how people can't understand.....
i am not talking about the article, i am talking about the crappy BS3 net-donot-work

@1.3.AllroundGamer : hehehee...kid go back & watch ur anime & hentai collection D:
@5.1-PureGamer :fangirl, childish, pathetic AND FCUKING RETARD..go play with ur sex toys
@7.agent864: "thirdly, Sony has plans to ship points cards to retail. no doubt they'll address this issue" i am afraid since you left sony they changed thier planes
@1.5.Chava:HOME..heheheeee i am waiting for APB http://www.realtimeworlds.c...

achira4105d ago

hmmm, perhaps ppl who want to play without lag and dont want to pay for lag ?

ShiftyLookingCow4105d ago

",unless they cannot afford XBOXLIVE GOLD" yeah right

"hmmm, perhaps ppl who want to play without lag and dont want to pay for lag ?" Its great that PSN is free but thats a load of bull

AllroundGamer4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

uuuh another desperate comment, don't be afraid of the PS3 :D

Edit: sorry then, didn't want to interrupt you collecting ignores... :D

Madmax12819804105d ago

i have a ps3 and must say im very disapointed that theres a lot missing thinking about that the ps3 was released a year later than the 360 wich had more features out of the box ie. send and read messages while in a game, listen to music while playing a game, private chat while playing a game or a different game than the person ur chatting too, make any pic on ur digi cam as xbox dash background, change the colour of the dash and the list goes on. btw any 1 wanting to disagree plz let me know why as everything there is true im not a fanboy i have both a 360 and ps3 and love them both but in some aspects the ps3 feels a little unfinnished. just my op :)

Chava4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

see, the problem with you is that u r jealous of ps3 owners. Why? cos every time the word "playstation" is in a headline, u get stressed out.

although sexbox live is BETTER than psn, u hav 2 pay, and there is a lot more lag than on psn (really) plus instead of home, you get a series of boring menues with geeky achievents, and gaymerscores

how can u disagree with that, it's my opinion, and i know thsat i'm right, bunch of gaywads

Nemesis4105d ago

Sounds to me like your the one who's jealous, of the 360's achievement and gamerscore system. IMO a persistant gamerscore and achievement system underpins the whole online experience. Besides aren't Sony working on something similar for the PS3? Will that be gay as well?

macalatus4105d ago

Hey Ali G, you're a....oh, wait, you only got ONE bubble. No need to argue. That lone bubble explains a lot by itself.

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Marty83704105d ago

This could be fixed by a firmware upgrade from Sony.

Plz help me, I need bubbles. Thx

masterg4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

Bubble for you sir.

It is indeed no problem. You can list any address. I made a Japan address account for god sakes. And that was in freaking Japanese with me pressing random buttons.

Devilbringer4105d ago

someone dissagree with you lol. poor you. have a bubble from me :))

gapzi11a4105d ago

say that most military gamers use Xbox Live. This must be why.

LeShin4105d ago

@ALI-G: Funny how people can't read.....
Read the entire article. Xbox Live has the SAME problem, it's just there's a way to work around it.

Nemesis4105d ago

If theres a way to work around it then there is no problem.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

I for one have played on the PSN and have played a PS3 (my nephew has one). IMO as a former soldier I see Live offering somthing that PS3 don't and thats lots of military shooters. Any guys from europe wanna talk sh!t about American and the shooters that we play maybe you need to stop making them for us sinse 80% of our FPS come out od europe.

EDIT: PureGamer "childish your pathetic" look whos talking you are the same PureGamer Droid arnt you? and yes I served my country in the armed forces and didnt cower behind a rock like you and I have said it twice before on this site. Sorry dude barking up the wrong tree, I dont lie. SLAP! your just got pwned with truth, How doest it feel? tell us.

m000b14105d ago

dude stfu if you have been a soldier you are a disgrace to the army. Look at you on this internet site acting all childish your pathetic.

LeShin4105d ago

Man, as a former soldier, you'd think you'd be tired of shooting sh!t! lol!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4105d ago

Never been to war ether, so I wouldnt know I served in the Guard during peace time after the first war in Iraq, so I wouldnt know what it would be like to be shot at accept for a video game. But at least I wore my countries uniform, puregamer you realy need to be careful with that "disgrace to the army" sh!t get your ass kicked one day.

macalatus4105d ago

... Jason a former soldier and a gamer!! Who would have ever thought? Oh, wait...that's also me!

Anyway, I know this is gonna be off-topic, but thanks for your service, Jason (I don't get that a lot myself), even though our system of choice is...different. Hey, at least when it comes to "service/branch fanboyism", I at least know we're gonna be on the same boat. ;)

To be honest with you, that was unncecessary and a bit off-topic. Sure he probably hates my system of choice, but so what? He served honorably in the same service as I did.

Believe it or not, because of my military service, I can't stand many so-called military shooters. One reason is that they tend to screw-up in military terminology, like calling soldiers "Marines" and vice-versa. An analogy would be like calling Xbox or Sony fanboys as "Nintendo kids/gamers". Second reminds me a little too much of the military. Not saying the military is bad, but it just totally defeats the purpose of downtime. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy playing those games once in a while.

Hey, being in the military and a civilian at the SAME time ain't easy, but I pulled it off. FYI, I initially came in as a Regular, before going the "weekend" thing.

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