Amazing New PlayStation Move Video

Another video of PlayStation Move, showing some more gameplay footage, has been emerged.

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Crusade4625d ago

I want ape escape ps3 now-ish.

cobpswii36004625d ago

Footage of that would be amazing! 8 more days!

Ultraplayerxd4625d ago

Ape escape is the only game I wanna play with move. Make it happen Sony.

Ult iMate4625d ago (Edited 4625d ago )

According to my RE4 expirience on Wii, the RE5 with Move should also be fun.

But I too think Ape Escape will show the true potential of Move.

Conloles4625d ago Show
Legosz4625d ago

This video looked exactly like Wii, not even joking and not trying to be a Wii fanboy and PS3 hater, PS3 is my only console.

Ahmay4624d ago

looks nothing like that...

do i have to buy a new one

KingME4624d ago (Edited 4624d ago )

I think the camera had a center channel speaker behing it. I though it was huge when I first saw it also.

I would have better appreciated that video it they actually had gamers using it. Those two looked looked like babies sticking their heads out of the womb for the first time.

They did the move no justice.

seinfan4624d ago

motion controls = doodoo

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Wrathman4625d ago ShowReplies(3)
vhero4625d ago

What I like about move is the fact its compatible with more controllers you can use in conjunction with sub controller, another MOVE controller or a dual shock. You can do whichever makes you feel most comfortable which is great..

matey4624d ago (Edited 4624d ago )

Yes wii owners have had classic pro for ages now where have u been m8 the classic pro as far as capcom are concerned is the best pad on the market as well as greyhound the dev that makes pro evo for wii said the classic pro is far better than 360/ps3 dual shock ect so wii has the best controls for traditional and motion fact i havnt seen anything that looks even close to what wiisports bowling was and tennis and that was 2006 Nintendo have a wiicam on the way a vitality sensor and a 3DS i wonder who will steal the show.

Blacktric4625d ago (Edited 4625d ago )

I also want to play RTS games with Move. Man this thing's potential is amazing. Any kind of shooters, RTS's, RPG's, platformers can be played with it. Can't wait to see more at E3.

thehitman4625d ago

Never thought of that with Move playing a rts with it using the move as a pointer etc... but then again will still need a keyboard and a mouse might just feel more comfortable. Will be interesting to try though still waiting for blizzard to finally bend over and bring their games to PS3. SONY MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

secksi-killer4624d ago

you know what. up until reading your reply, i just wanted move and natal to die horrible deaths. but thinking about playing an RTS with move has just raised my interest 100x.

i'm now going to keep my eyes on move alot more now. i think this does indeed have potential

himdeel4624d ago

...I just thought about using Move for RTS and I think that would be awesome.

Blacktric4624d ago

Just go and watch that RTS/FPS hybrid games' demo with Move in E3. You'll remember how awesome it is.

PS. RTS games' demonstration starts at 4:35

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Inside_out4625d ago ShowReplies(8)
kratos1234625d ago

that was ...................... EPIC holy sheit i want more snakes and monkeys

Moac4625d ago

I remember the Ape escape for ps1. So much fun =)

PR0X14624d ago

WUTS UP??! the SAMMMMMME games over and over and over again... show us something NEW.

rbrtchng4624d ago (Edited 4624d ago )

Sony hasn't shown a live demo of the ping pong game yet. This is the first time we got to see it being played.

huzzaahh4624d ago

It has been officially announced, I think.

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Tragedy4625d ago

Amazing New PlayStation Move Video. "Amazing"???

sixaxis4625d ago

yes those girls were amazed!!

i hope that sony shows some shooters at E3. imagine playing Among thieves with MOVE.

1233604625d ago

whats with the natal camera on top.have sony sold it to ms lol.

digimau4625d ago

PSEye is Not Present!?

Is te Black Bar Up the TV???

Is the new secret PSEye 2 ???

claterz4625d ago

It is the PS eye but there is a speaker behind it.
Look closer lol.

Are_The_MaDNess4625d ago

it is on top of the TV, and that black bar, is a speaker for the surround sound

jukins4625d ago

i noticed that too is that a different pseye? or will move use the standard pseye camera

Ju4625d ago

Standard PS Eye Camera