Where In-Game Ads are Heading

In-game ads are coming to the Xbox 360 and other consoles - that much is known. However whether Microsoft's acquisition of Massive, a chief provider of such ads, will hurt the industry could all depend on whether Massive is made exclusive provider of in-game ads for the Xbox 360.

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xeon1215396d ago

Its so sad that the gaming world will just become another canvas for advitisers. i understand the need for more revenue to be pumped into the industry but what benifits does it have to us the gamers, a reducion on the price of the game would be nice i would not hold my breath tho

highps35396d ago

unless it drops game prices I dont want to see it. There is enough advertising everywhere else we dont need it in out games just because. Screw the realism, I dont want a game that real that it annoys me.

MySwordIsHeavenly5395d ago

I dont have much to say, but that pictures really funny! I think it's pretty important in like...a baseball or football game, but NOT to stop the game...i dont want commercials in my game...i just want realism. If they put stuff in an I could pull out a gun in a mcdonald's and shoot the alien trying to steal somebody's food...i'll feel like a REAL hero. They need to get creative with advertising if they want gamers to buy stuff.

BeastfromdaEast065395d ago

Advertising is cool as long as it is in the right game. Remember KFC in Crazy Taxi on Dreamcast? That was cool, it just has to be the right type of game. I don't want to see an ad of McDonald's in Doom 3..