Ultimate PlayStation 3 XMB Wallpaper Guide

Beyond the release announcement of Firmware 1.90 update, PSU has provided a link to the Ultimate PS3 Wallpaper Guide. Here you can view hundreds of wallpapers to download and use as your backgrounds for your XMB.

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THC CELL4196d ago

That is a Great find man i cant wait to add them to my ps3 tomorrow now
Nice find

They should do themes now. Not to be greedy but its always something to look towards

LSDARBY4196d ago

Its just a link to a forum post with backgrounds lol. Cool though.

MaximusPrime4196d ago

nice one.
Ive forgotten that new firmware (for Japan) is already out. Cant wait for UK version.

Devilbringer4196d ago

all wallpapers from the link now. and i copy it from the pc over to my ps3. now i just have to w8 for EU firmware 1.90

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The story is too old to be commented.