5 Games That Failed Their Potential

Disappointment is a part of life. In fact, most things in reality are fairly disappointing which is why many people turn to video games. They're a kind of trap door that leads to a different world. In this world players get to experience a sense of value and worth not found to the same degree in the real world. As time goes by, the depravity and disappointments of the real world have begun to appear in the virtual game world that many of us find refuge.

This is a list of games that had a world of potential but the developers failed us in making a truly remarkable title worthy of the praise they've been given. Damn them.

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knight6264131d ago

didnt read the pointless article but from looking at the pics...ill ask why red dead? why alan awake? why modnation? they all great games they didnt dissappointed me

N4GAddict4131d ago

I liked all three of them as well.

edgeofblade4131d ago

I agree that Modnation disappointed. While I love creating a twisty beautiful track, I enjoy less so the racing thereof.

Inside_out4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Sorry, MW2 was/is awesome...How can a game that sold nearly 20 million a fail...How dumb is this guy...Every developer wants a MW2...

Alan Wake was a phenomenal game...It has not sold well...Whatever excuses Rememdy or M$ want to make, at this point the game will not cover it's cost which are rumored to be in the 30 million range...Probably need 2 million in sales to make a small profit...why...who multi or co-op on 360 is a no no...RDR releasing on the same day...telling everybody it was a story driven game when in fact it has awesome gameplay...nobody knows...Great game..If you have a 360...worth a rent at least...

Mod PS3 arcade title...well...the PS3 commercial with Jack and Butler did NOT's a kids game...why have a commercial with grandpa Jack with his ball sack down by his ankles and David Bowie wannabe Kevin with eye make-up try and sell wonder sales are very looks like a rip off of the stellar LBP only with cars...just saying...

RDR has had great sales, some of the best reviews...unfortunately...the PS3 was bad...explains why 360 version out sells PS3 version 2 to 1...Many glitches reported for both games...still...hard to see it as a failure when sales and reviews have been doesn't deserve perfect scores with so many problems...but...whatever....

Christopher4131d ago

He's kind of nitpicking good games. Honestly, you could easily throw tons of worse games on that list. Just finished Alpha Protocol and it would be #1 for me. It was, for some reason, fun to play, but it failed at doing almost everything right.

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ctrlrz4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

well, I'll answer:

If you'd read the 'pointless article' then you'd have an answer to your moot questions. I do apologize for not having more picture to blankly stare into though and in the future I'll work harder at being totally superficial so that there's minimal thought involved.

Stuart57564131d ago

I didn't read the article either, but i must say it was rubbish (sarcasm on their part).

juniordee4131d ago

Article was good. You should read it.

dizzleK4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

good article and interesting site.

personally i would classify mw2 as shovelware,despite its budget-it was a quick, dirty and sloppy cash in that was released seemingly without any form of bug testing or quality control in order to meet a deadline. it needed several more months in development, it felt like an unfinished rush job; the definition of shovelware.

just because something was expensive doesn't mean it can't be shovelware.

i'm not familiar enough with the other games to comment.

retrofly4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Don't agree with MW2 or Red Dead.

I've spend about 25 hours on red dead single player, and no where near finishing it yet, I think 50% though.

I've spent about 330 hours on MW2 multiplayer and still going, anythign with that kind of lifespan could never be a dissapointment. I've spend £60 on MW2 (£40 on the game & £20 on 2 maps packs) and it's by far the best money per hour game I have in my exstensive collection (works out about 18p per hour just on multiplayer).

MiamiACR4131d ago

The main Character John marsten dies in the end of the game,and for the rest of the game you play as his son.

Imalwaysright4131d ago

I finished Dead Red already so it doesnt bother me but next time before talking about a game's story write the word "SPOILERS" so you dont ruin the game for anyone. Pitty you only have 1 bubble... i bet that those suckers were tasty.

N4GAddict4131d ago

I agreed with FF13, IMO, it was a disappointment.

starvinbull4131d ago

The thing with FF13 is that they have their justifications for taking many franchise staples out. Thinking about it, every single thing they took out would have made the game better if they'd kept them in. On that point they really can't say they didn't ruin the game for players or justify the streamlining of the game.

The first hour of FF13 is the worst first hour of an RPG I have ever played, no excuse in my opinion.

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