Mirror's Edge Sounds Pretty Great

The latest issue of Edge has the scoop on DICE's upcoming first-person action...jumping...thing, Mirror's Edge. First up, it's not a shooter. Instead, influenced heavily by parkour, they're calling it a first-person action adventure. Huge levels will allow you the same kind of free-form exploration and athletic tomfoolery as a game like Tony Hawks or even Crackdown, but with much finer control. Don't think the lumbering cops of Crackdown, think Prince of Persia.

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wildcat5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

I'm glad to hear they're adding more realism to the first-person perspective, and I think others should do the same.

MyNutsYourChin5424d ago

Finally, some new and unique gameplay and content for a first person persepective game is on it's way.

BlackTigea5423d ago

It will be odd for many of us to play this game no doubt. But I encourage in doing something new in this genre. Lets see what they can do with this game.