Spector Talks Disney, Cartoons, Creativity and His Feelings on Deus Ex 3

The recent news that Warren Spector's Junction Point Studios had been acquired by Disney Interactive opened up a lot of questions about the future of the industry legend. Next Generation sat down with the man to discuss the deal, the industry and the future…

Next Generation: Let's look back slightly to Deus Ex. I was reading about Eidos bringing out a new game in this franchise, Deus Ex 3. How do you feel about this thing that you put your heart and soul into going off in its own direction?

Warren Spector: Of course I'm going to play it, but… I'm a strangely emotional guy in some ways. In some ways I'm just not, in other ways it's just like I'm sitting here thinking, "Oh my gosh, these are characters and situations and a world that I was so intimately involved with for so much of my life and now someone else is going to play with my baby!" It's hard, but I've talked to a bunch of guys at Eidos and they seem committed to the property, so I'm sure they'll do a great job. It is hard to sit on the sidelines, but again, I've got other irons in the fire now and new worlds to create and conquer, so its all for the best.

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