Sucker Punch explain why they decided to redesign Cole in inFamous 2

Sucker Punch explain why they decided to change Cole’s look and personality.

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raztad4121d ago

The old Cole was pretty good. I dont remember anyone complaining about him. Dont fix what is broken Sucker Punch.

-Alpha4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

I'm fine with the change, it just needs to be explained or transitioned properly. in Infamous 1 he was a pretty average character, no different than a Nathan Hale. He was a typical bald guy with a scruffy voice, and I feel SP wanted to add more personality to him. Whether that's a good thing or bad thing remains to be seen.

I believe they are just trying to make the character more presentable, look at Nathan Drake, there is a guy you can love, he has character. I like to think guys like SP and GG are evolving their characters for the better, and I'd like to think Uncharted played some sort of role.

Akagi4121d ago

More than likely, the facial structure will remain the same to a degree. But they'll change hair, build, size, and maybe even the voice actor.

palaeomerus4121d ago

Just say that when he refused to trigger the ray sphere a second time(make the good ending the official one) he managed to heal a little bit and got his hair back and stuff.

weazel4121d ago

Change can be good, but based on the explanation, this seems like change to maximise 'market share', and anything that's too 'street and self-consciously'target group led ends up sucking a whole heap of dogs ass.
Hopefully they can 'update' the image, whilst maintaining or developing the characters' core identity.
(Fingers crossed, 'cause I loved the first game.)

barom4121d ago

This is dumb. I figured the new redesign was some type of new character. I wouldn't mind a new main character but to say that he is Cole ruined a lot of it for me.

Why do people wish for these "pretty boys". They say dark and gritty but I see weak and coward. Cole looked a lot more raw and dark then this character for sure. These Tom Cruise wannabes should stop. Btw, in case its not obvious I hate Tom Cruise.

El Botto4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

He just looks a little older.

He was bold in the first part but I assume that was because the explosion burned all his hair away.

jadenkorri4121d ago

i guarantee this will not go over well, first of all, we know Cole as a average delivery guy given powers, not a skateboarding/extreme sports star. Sucker punch you just sunk to a new low to cater to the masses of people who didn't play your game and middle fingered the people who played Infamous and loved the story.


@ lagoonalight

I disagree. I am not really a fan of Infamous but I played and I didn't think much of the character modelling ingame, but Cole was not the problem.

Cole looked cool in my opinion it was most of the other guys that looked lame.

I personally don't like changes like this unless it is something that has a solid explanation within the context of the story.

I think I need to see the character modelling in game, but as for the art cover. na, I don't like it..prefer the old Cole.

HammockGames4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

The old Cole had an edge to him, and it had nothing to do with a manicure.

The new design looks like a metrosexual who got lit up when his electrolysis treatment went horribly, horribly wrong. NOT what I'm looking for in my gaming.

rockleex4121d ago

He was also very bitter, or at least that's how it seemed.

But he's had a lot of time to grow and become accustomed to the changes that he's been through.

He now looks a lot more confident in himself, his skills, and abilities.

As a person changes internally, those changes also show through externally. It just takes some time.

For example, as a teenager, I loved American Eagle & Aeropostale clothes because it expressed my character. But these days I love looking more classy with plaid shirts and flannels.

DaTruth4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

The original Cole(Kessler) had long hair. It is not a leap to believe that any Cole from another timeline could be different.

You guys are not thinking quantum mechanically, which is really what this games story is about!

If you wanted to assure that Cole would become a hero and fight the beast, it would make sense to go back to an earlier time and set him up as a hero prior to the explosion!

There are millions of possibilities why Cole could be different in InFamous 2!

jadenkorri4121d ago

im not minding the updated look, just not the character characteristic change from an average person to an extreme sports star, like cmon, Cole was not that before, just a regular delivery person, it would be like watching spiderman 1 with Tobey Maquire, then spiderman 2 with Christian Bale as spiderman/parker. Its just wouldn't match the character of spiderman in general.

DaTruth4121d ago

Please go back and play the game, in his memories when he was escaping he had long hair!

Marceles4120d ago

The new Cole looks like he should be on the Fantastic 4 now...and no thats not a good thing

ThanatosDMC4120d ago

Something about the beard/mustache pisses me off. Seems like he'll pick up little boys when he can or like he's from a boy band.

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hay4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

@raztad: Agreed. I liked Cole. He was a bit too much with his voice and attitude at times, but nobody's perfect. I don't like, on the other hand, his new face if the concept art is true.

Gamingisfornerds4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

They can fix his awful animations. I've never seen a videogame character move (and especially run) so awkward!

barom4121d ago

no? play Alan Wake.

inFamous is a bit static at times but it has a little bit of fluidity at times. Alan Wake's is very robotic.

Gamingisfornerds4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Yes, Alan Wake's animations are also laughable. Probably a close second after Cole.

And it's not really about fluidity or not. It's about the fact that Cole moves and runs like a complete retard. His stances are also very disturbing. I really can't understand what the hell the team responsible for the animations were thinking?!

40cal4121d ago

Cole's model and animations are some of the best to date, he seamlessly moves from position to position, like jumping off the building into a human bomb then two, three, four? kicks/ punches into a a dozen balls of lightning, hell throw some jumps back flips and rolls in there to for good measure, Yep seamless.

What game where you playing?

Gamingisfornerds4120d ago

So he moves seamlessly from one crappy animation to another? Impressive, lol.

I'm not playing any game atm, just finished..oh wait, you were being sarcastic. That's pretty clever of you, kudos! ;)

Eamon4120d ago

loool, yes Cole's animations are pretty nice and fluid.

But he feel like he was moving like a retard.

Can't wait for infamous 2!

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Tomdc4121d ago

i think a personality change is a cool idea but i prefer the look of the old one

raztad4121d ago

"Dont fix what is NOT broken Sucker Punch." Fixed.

I would like them to improve game image quality introducing MLAA and using higher res in-game models. Animations dont concern me because they look funny, it's like the game isn't taking itself too seriously.

chazjamie4121d ago

i bet u thats not even cole. doesnt even look like him. looks like a gay version of adam lambert if you ask me

LordMarius4121d ago

wtf, you people are retarded, the other Cole was the ugliest character I ever seen, freaking albino. Thank you Sucker Punch, more appealing and mainstream FTW

beardtm4121d ago

Infamous for me was the best game on the ps3. Looking forward to the sequel but to change the main character to be a more extreme sports or similar to nathan drake? Please no. I mean who actually likes those people? Uncharted was a Good game spoiled by a wee cocky shit head of a main character."woo yeah rock on" seriously!? Does anyone actually talknlike that? And if they do, do they know that they are a gimp?

Simon_Brezhnev4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Yeah i dislike the change to i sure hope they let u choose the urban look. There are hardly any urban characters in games today.

darkdoom30004121d ago

Cole from infamous 1 looked too generic, if you saw a picture of his face you would easily mistake it for a random space marines.

his new look looks... odd, but anything to differentiate him is fine with me.

Christopher4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

The one complaint I remember about the old Cole, and tons of people in reviews complained about it, was his voice. I personally had no issue with it, but look at a lot of the old reviews and more than half of them made fun of it.

Though, if you played the whole game, you would see that 'change' really isn't an issue for continuity. Just depends on the type of change. I do expect him to let go of his old job of being a courier in the upcoming games, though, when it comes to his choice in wardrobe.

Davoh4121d ago

The main difference is a little bit of hair, not really much, as long as there's more electric attacks I'll be happy =)

wicko4121d ago

I don't really care either way. His character in the first game didn't bother me at all, but I'm not incredibly attached to it either.

mastiffchild4121d ago

Nah, nah, nah , nah. Nah. I'm fine with devs doing what they like-it's their plaything for gods sake but, tbh, that's because I don't assume I'll like every game I play yet when someone has bothered with what was a decent story(for the most part) in the first gamew I feel they're missing a trick by changing someone their core audience already relates to or understands. Cole's also meant to be a bit of an everyman. Y'know, he wasn't a big star of any kind, had few pretensions and the fact his parkour skills were put down more to him having them more as part of his job rather than being some extreme show off made him easier for most people to understand.

Maybe I have an issue with the word "extreme" as whenever I hear it all I see is Bam Effin Margera and his inbred family of walrus men. Christ, that guy makes me so ashamed to be a former skater that these days I wouldn't dream of admitting it and only even play Skate in the wee small hours where my kids can't tell. Anyway, point is I fear this is a lot of marketing led BS rather than something that fits an EXISTING character. I mean they seem to want to make him a bit more approachable and lighthearted but he's been thrust into this nonsense and seen a host of people he knows(and more he didn't)die horrible deaths. Christ, his GF died and he knows an even bigger evil is on the way! What in the world has he got to be more chipper about? It just seems like a bad design choice to me-simple as that.

I suppose, for gamers, it'll boil down to whether you liked the original game and the first design for Cole as to how you see this new one-if you liked him you might well need, like me, some convincing beyond what sounds like shallow market share seeking mouth grease. Idon't seethe need for the direction, I don't see any sense at all in the direction and why do they think more of us will relate to someone who was into the danger(and was EXTREME) beforehand? The whole hook was that he didn't choose this and people were suspicious of him on top of his confusion-he needed a dark edge and I fail to see how he would possibly have cheered up a great deal following the events and reveal in the first game.

So, yeah, it's up to them and all but I really question the wisdom of how and especially why(I suspect) they're doing this. Doesn't anyone remember the gruesome Emo BS we suffered when PoP tried to get some cred? Well, this is a similar worry and one that had alarms in my mind ringing as soon as the two words "street" and "extreme" were used. When I noticed "extreme sports star" I really started worrying as Ijust don't believe many game devs are "street",would know it if it bit their arse and find it even more mindblowing that they don't realise anyone who they might regard as "street" would never be heard dead using the word in the way they just have! Let alone thinking they could understand anything "extreme"!

Whatever, I stand here ready to be proved wrong and, hey, we can't love everything we play but I've just started really thinking they may be messing this right up. I'm all for change IF it's needed and if it's good but this just doesn't make a great deal, if it makes any, sense at all to me. I just hope that I'm wrong or they decide to change tack again.Also, I think the new Cole looks bloody cheesy.

Heisenberg4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

The old Cole looked more badåss... I'd rather a grumpy badåss than a snarky douche. Hopefully they pull it off though, it's too good a series to fück up the main character. But where do they come up with Tony Hawk as an example of some one gritty, or street. The guy is a rich, skinny little white boy... not that there's anything wrong with that per se, but...

Please, don't turn Cole into a wise cracking, high fiving skater boy with a ton of lame one liners. Keep the character dark and somewhat quiet, the kinda guy you wouldn't wanna fück with.

LethalChickens4121d ago

The new cole looks much better. Evil new cole will probably look like old cole.

Ven10004121d ago

I'm sure when it's all said and done both good and bad cole will look badass. And the gameplay will be great too!

mellowyellow4121d ago

What if this isn't the old Cole. Maybe it's the older Cole, Kessler. The best way for this to work, imo, is to give us that Cole for a prequel-esque game to flesh out that alternate universe.Then end it setting us up so that both Coles, not Cole and Kessler, find themselves in the same universe and ready to fight that evil person that killed Kessler's family together in a third game to finish off a trilogy. That way you piss nobody off and you're set up for what would be a pretty kickass game. /end wishful thinking

nan04121d ago

Are they serious? If he looks like this I'm not even buying it. Everybody is trying to tip off of UNCHARTED's sucess.

It didn't succeed because the main character was a wuss with balls that would only drop in certain situations. It succeeded because it was original and different. I don't want no ghetto ass rapping, raping, sports shit. They're probably aiming it towards kids now.

This better be a joke.

P.S. Kessler was bald too.

Downtown boogey4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

I absolutely disagree! Cole was a hideous character though the game was otherwise excellent. Good job taking note Sucker Punch!

Wait, what... They made him MORE GRUMPY???!!! My dear, dear lord...

FACTUAL evidence4120d ago

Why would you change the old cole? He was cool, laid back, and smart. I'm going to honestly say i am disappointed. What's next? Going to turn sly cooper into a groundhog?

aaronisbla4120d ago

they never said he is a extreme sports star. They only compared him to those guys in terms of the stuff he is capable of since he could climb like that before he got his powers. He still is the cole that delivered packages for a living

avengers19784120d ago

I was a huge fan of Cole and don't think they needed to change him. It's one thing to change the look, but don't change the personality.
So what's next completely redo the gameplay, through out the old story. Now i'm not sure if Infamous 2 will be as good as one.

Immortal3214120d ago

cole aged and matured little bit, and got himself a new outfit.

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Rucury4121d ago

"more appealing, more compelling..."
He was pretty cool, in my opinion.

The only thing I hope they fix is the voice-sync. For some reason I always saw the characters in horrible sync with their voice actors... I don't know if anyone else noticed.

bym051d4121d ago

Why mess with what's not broken? The original Cole was pretty cool.

twostep184121d ago

yea im scared they are gunna mess this up with a "new cole"
i mean they are comparing the new him to travis pastrana, and tony hawk
hes gunna end up being a dude bro =/