Metal Gear Solid: Gray Fox Rising?

Snake, Snake, Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake! was the cry you heard in Metal Gear Solid: Guns of The Patriots, but this time Raiden, the somewhat childish soldier in Sons Of Liberty, turned super ninja has taken the lead. Kojima has never disappointed gamers in the past and at E3 2010, Metal Gear Solid: Rising will begin its rise.

The momentum and hype that’s now after Rising has been building for some time now. Ever since Raiden unexpectedly took the lead character’s role in Sons of Liberty, every Metal Gear Solid fans have payed close attention to him. Some love Raiden and most hate him.

But is it really Raiden? Some clues point to something else.

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IRetrouk4625d ago

raiden is solidus snakes son not a clone of the original gray fox

Kurylo3d4625d ago

actually raiden is solidus snakes adopted son. Clones were unable to have children. In either case no way hes a clone of grey fox... not possible seeing as though solid snake and grey fox were friends in the original metal gear and metal gear 2... dont u think hed recognize his old friend looks just like the guy in metal gear solid 2 lol... Sorry this guy is a fool.

palaeomerus4625d ago

Nobody wants to talk about the topic. It's just a lot of sad fanboy dick measuring.

I think the cyborg in MGR might be Sunny.

IRetrouk4625d ago

you could be right but would raiden have let that happen? i think the red eyes have something to do with either an upgrade or as a result of that white blood stuff.

palaeomerus4625d ago

I think they are just brown/hazel eyes.

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The story is too old to be commented.