Bungie working hard to offer Halo 3 online co-op

Bungie has responded to an out of control rumour which stemmed from a leak from an upcoming issue of US video game magazine EGM. You may have seen headlines such as "Halo 3 Co-Op Heads Offline" but that's not entirely true.

It's not that the co-op heads offline, but that online play is still being implemented and may not make the released game.

"All we confirmed to EGM ... regarding Cooperative Play in Halo 3's Campaign is that System Link co-op will be included in Halo 3," said Bugie's Frank O'Connor. "Just like we told EGM, we're aware that people want co-op online but the challenge of getting our complicated A.I. systems, huge game world, and gargantuan encounters neatly packaged and transferring across the Interwebz is a mythic undertaking."

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MastaGT5419d ago

First comment...that's what' I like to hear bungie!!! halo 3 forever

Xeoset5419d ago


One of the reasons Bungie are my favourite Devs. They offer some of the best games, remember ONI?! They're honest as hell and are hard working.

Go H3!

closedxxx5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

It seems a bit strange that they are saying they have the game ready for network play, but not online play. Obviously the game code and AI can handle two separate consoles running the game and communicating together, but they won't say it will have co-op play over Xbox Live...

I think this is simply to build up suspense. I suspect that if the game is capable of network/system link play, it will have online play.

Even if it doesn't have "XBOX LIVE" online play, you should be able to use a tunneling service like XLINK KAI to create a LAN with a friend by using a PC on the same router as your XBOX 360.

eLiNeS5419d ago

I was really pissed that it looked like HALO 2 had it but it never worked. That should have been one of the first thing they worked on when they started the multi-player engine. Online Co-Op is part of being next gen in my book.

Jdash245419d ago

god i hope they make online co op work

Wile5419d ago

Bungie we all appreciate the kick ass effort but make sure the rest of the game is 100% first.

iHeretic5419d ago

Work hard Bungie. It's a real miss if you don't get that in the game!
I don't care how many can play at same time, as long as it is at least two persons

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