Crysis continues to amaze - updated impressions writes:

"Crysis' ultra realistic visuals continue to be the talk of the town. We had seen the screenshots. We had seen video footage. We had sat in on demonstrations. But it wasn't until we pressed our nose against the monitor and got our mitts on the first level of the game that we realized just how damn good this game looks."

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Razzy4105d ago

Looks awesome but what kind of rig am I going to need to run this game? My old PC won't cut it so I guess its time for an upgrade.

Antan4105d ago

My God!! This is my number one game im looking forward to!!!!! My system is ready to churn this bad boy up!!!

ALI G4105d ago

but i will have to cancel trip,dealy ps3 purchase get the perfect rig to play it.

ShiftyLookingCow4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

I was about to get Q6600 and 4GB ram(yeah you need x64 to utilize fully) but I am going to wait till this game releases, and check out the demo. But otherwise this game rocks and is must buy

Antan4105d ago

Quad Core (Intel) and 8800GTX or 2900XT (1gig version), 2 gig ram min i think will get you a fantastic result. Crossfire or SLI will of course improve things even further. Even 4 gig on XP should give you 2.8gig ish free (depending on mobo) to play with. Nvidia and ATI/AMD need to improve their drivers before release but i have a sneaky feeling new drivers for both will hit which will see big performance increases!

nice_cuppa4105d ago

i just hope it comes to console as there is no way i will have a quad core pc in the next 5 years.

shame really.

DeadlyFire4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

The game won't require Quad-Core at all really. All PC developers are just moving onto 2 core designs. Crysis is indeed one of those games. It has support for 4+ cores, but was designed to work on dual-core PCs. They probally won't goto Quad-core game development for at least another couple of years when 8 core CPUs come out.

How is it so hard to get a Quad-Core PC? You can get an affordable Quad-core setup if you wanted one. Can get the Q6600(2.4 Ghz) for a good price. Can get a good Dual-core setup with the Core 2 Duos with the E6400-6850(coming soon). Which should be great and overclockable and affordable as well.

Cartesian3D4105d ago

hope to see high framerates with 8800 and HD 2900 series.. and enough framerates and visuals with 8600 or HD 2600 ..

for sure its the most Important part for developing Crysis.. Optimising for better performance..

it will F'in ROCK with goof framrates, and All lan parties will use it for sure..

cant wait to play it and show it too may parents :

can u see it? its a game dad, not Movie.. lol :D

( Im 22 guys, dont think I show everythin to my parents lol )