Forza Motorsport 2: Update Coming Monday

FM2 features authentic simulation physics, bone-jarring damage, photo-realistic graphics, 300 of the world's hottest cars for you to collect, licensed tuning and plenty of customization options. As mentioned a few weeks ago, Turn 10 has been working on a patch (fixing issues like Auction House car duping, speed glitch, Test Track King Cobra and Lotus Elan exploit), and will be released on Monday.

Hit the link for the updates.

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SuperSaiyan45424d ago

Erm no sorry GTHD looks a lot better and GT 5 oh boy WOW! I just hope it has damage!

Lex Luthor5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

Ah, but does GT have bone-jarring damage and authentic simulation physics. Thought not.

When GT5 arrives you'll still be driving as if you're on a bar of soap and ramming walls at 100mph and bounce off. Not to metion fence riding which cheaters use and crappy retared AI. Oh Oh also no customisation of cars or fine tuning like forza. Graphics can only take you so far.

But hey, nothings perfect right? ;)

Lex Luthor5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

double post.

Xeoset5424d ago

Sorry Lex, I meant to agree to your first post.


jromao5423d ago

Kazunori already confirmed, GT5 (full/March version) will be released probably with damages only for Racing cars, and after (trough updates) the realistic damages will extend to eventualy all type of cars.

About Forza 2 having "photo-realistic graphics", we all know that's not good as GT series on PS3, but it's good enough for the 360, so we can call it "photo-realistic 360 graphics" instead.

Wile5423d ago

yes, yes, yes. PS3 games pwn 360 games. PS3 is god. PS3 is so huge it affects the tides etc. We get it, we get it. This article is about an update, give it a rest.

ALI G5423d ago

they said they will CONSIDER it as DLC.till that day come, repate after me
GT5 does not have damage only graphic

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Nicosia5424d ago

What does GTHD have to do with this? its a freaking update.

The Shadow5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

they really need fix host not kicking players when they are leading the race, this happen to me when leading the race, its so frustating knowing that you will get high online credit,some host just didnt want others to win except themselves.

And Please, for the host blaming others for hitting their cars bum or anything, just switch the [email protected] collision off, simple as that.

DJ5423d ago

Bone-jarring damage physics? Like when you hit a wall at 100 mph, and the 'damage texture' becomes activated. Hah, good laughs.

ernande5423d ago

You have to select "Simulation" for the Damage Physics to be realistic. This isn't the default setting because it takes away from the pick-up-and-play aspect to the game. The default setting is mostly cosmetic, but your car will degrade if you keep abusing it during the race.

kevin360uk5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

GT5 looks insanely photo-realistic. I'm still going to buy it as i love driving games, but its long overdue for its car mechanics to be worked on. Polyphony Digital's GT slogan "the real driving simulator" is pretty funny to me because it never really has been if you can drive your car round a corner using the wall or barrier.
Ok, Forza 2 (although still looks good) isnt graphically as impressive, but the driving physics are spot on.
Until you've played GT5, you'll never be able to compare it to Forza 2.

....Holy s*** 16 cars!!

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